Wednesday, June 17, 2009

...Some kids need a good whack every now and then...

This is not a celebrity blog, nor do I care about celebrities and so-called celebrities or what they do but this story is all over the place and after doing some easy research I had to speak on it.

This Kate lady with the 8 kids is all over the news because she spanked one of her daughters. The story goes the little girl was blowing a whistle while the mom was on the phone. The mom told her to stop and when she didn’t, Mom goes over and whacks the kid, the kid starts crying, by-standers take pictures and controversy ensues.

Now based on how many times I heard the story I was expecting to look into it and find evidence that the mother served the little girl two uppercuts, a backhand ,and a drop-kick. Turns out that she walked over, grabbed her arm and gave her an open hand smack on the fanny. The little girl cries as most kids do when they get into trouble and grabs her heiny. The picture of this states that she is “in pain.'


Let me back up a few years.
When I was about 8 or 9 years old I had one of those giant balloon ball thingies on the string that you could hang like a punching bag. Except my dad wouldn’t let me hang it so I kept tossing it up in the air and punching it as many times as I could before it hit the ground. Then I started to try and kick it back up so it wouldn’t hit the ground at all and I could keep the action going.

My father walked past once, “Angel, stop playing with that thing in the house like that.” I sat down for a minute, but when he left I was back up again.
A second time. “Angel. I’m not going to tell you again to put that thing down and park your butt in chair somewhere. You can’t afford anything in this house if you break it, so put it away and sit down before you hurt yourself or something else. “

Now, I’m a just kid, so I just had to get one last kick in. One last punch. And I don’t know if it was the kick or the punch that did it, but somehow I ended up slipping and falling face first into a very large table in the living room. I hit the table so hard, I bounced back a few feet. My mother came running to find me screaming and crying with a bloody mouth. My father in all his sensitivity said to me in a loud, clear, stern voice “What did I tell you? Didn’t I tell you to sit down? Didn’t I tell you to stop? And you know what else?”

Do you know this man stepped on and popped my giant balloon ball thingy? Right while I was standing there upset, sobbing, and bleeding, he killed my toy. And then walked away like it was nothing.

By today’s standards this would probably be considered child abuse but I mean, really he warned me, didn’t he? And yes he found an interesting way to add insult to injury, but the whole thing could have been avoided if I (the child) had just sat down when he (the parent) told me to do so.

That’s part of a parent’s job: to teach and to discipline.

It was wrong of me to keep playing around in the living room especially after my father told me not to.
It was wrong of that kid to keep blowing her whistle and making a ruckus while her mom was on the phone especially after her mother told her not to.

Now had this Kate lady not responded, then everyone would have been telling the story like she was a bad mother letting her kids run around all unruly. And if the child was in that much danger why the heck were all these people taking pictures? Step in and save the defenseless kid, you imbecile!
Abuse is not okay. Not ever, not never, never ever okay, okay? But discipline is something else.
Discipline is what keeps your kids out of jail, out of rehab, off the stripper pole, and off of tabloid magazine covers with their legs splayed and no undies on.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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