Friday, June 26, 2009

...We Weep, We Mourn, but Still We Smile...

Michael Jackson, 1958-2009
One Of the Best that Ever Did It

I’m as stunned as you are.

Michael Jackson was always one of those people I pictured living at least until his 80s. And I’d be telling my sister’s grand – and great grand kids about watching him debut his signature Moonwalk dance on the Motown 25 special.

I’d tell them about how my dad came home from work one day like nothing was new under the sun and handed us the Thriller album and my sister and I screamed like we found gold bars or something of equal value.

I’d tell them how I cried inconsolably when they ripped the Scarecrow’s legs off in The Wiz, partially because I was afraid he’d never dance again.

I’d even tell them about running down the street at top speed after my sister stepped out onto the porch of our childhood home and yelled down the street: “They ‘bout to show a Michael Jackson video!!” Wow, a video! That was big news back then! And a MJ video at that?

There’s no denying his awesome talent- his voice, his songwriting, and those dance moves! For real, how many shoes did you mess up trying to spin and end on your toes?

Losing Michael Jackson is like losing a favorite cousin. We grew up together. He was around in one way or another for some pretty significant moments in my personal history. And sure he changed some over the years, made some unhealthy choices and did some odd things and got into some trouble, but deep down even though I may have been mad at him, I never completely lost my love for him or the things he did for me.

Most of us have had some pretty significant incidents in our life that no matter where we go or how much time passes, we can still remember the details as clear as if it had all just happened thirty seconds earlier. And for a some of us, there’s probably some song that bring that memory to mind. And for a lot of us it was a Michael Jackson song.

The influence of his music is almost everywhere today in music and especially in daily life~

~If you ever spun around, kicked up your leg, grabbed yourself and screamed “hooooo!” to cheer up a friend…
~If you ever tore a ligament after you tripped over something behind you while you were trying to moonwalk…
~If you wore one glittery glove or a red jacket with black trim out in public and thought you looked perfectly fine…
~If you had a Jheri Curl…
~If you bought the USA For Africa album, or years later, otherwise contributed time or money to a cause because you took a look at the man (or woman) in the mirror.

Or if you just plain appreciate good music, you have Michael Jackson to thank for it.

Just a few of the many songs that will never leave my head:
Blame it on the Boogie
Burn This Disco Out
Can You Feel It?
Dancing Machine

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough -This is the video my sister called me in for :-)
Give In To Me

I Wanna Be Where You Are
It’s the Falling In Love
Let Me Show You the Way to Go
Mama’s Pearl
Rock My World
Shake Your Body Down to the Ground

Stranger in Moscow
The Love You Save

This Place Hotel

Who’s Lovin’ You

~God Bless~

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