Friday, November 13, 2009

...It's time to move on from this...

I haven’t been a loyal viewer of 106 and Park since they booted Free and AJ, but I managed to get almost through a whole show today since I was waiting to see how the Chris Brown interview would go.  


Roxie seemed to be on the same wavelength of so many others I’ve heard on the situation. She seemed to doubt Chris’s sincerity and appeared almost offended by his demeanor. If he smiles, or laughs or seems anything other than suicidal, the little birds get their feathers ruffled. (On a side note, if Roxie was really holed up for days and weeks at a time to Premier Michael Misick while he was still married, she’s got some nerve questioning someone’s intentions.)

I don’t believe that Chris’s behavior demonstrates a lack of remorse. I believe his behavior demonstrates the maturity of an average 19 year old male. I’ll leave you to decide what that means, but if you’re thinking one who laughs at everything or one who has the attention span of a toddler, you’re in the ballpark.

A person can only apologize so many times and in so many ways. Either you believe them or you don’t; either you’ll forgive them or you won’t.

And maybe this thing is your thing that you just can’t forgive. We all have something that we find so awful or troubling that we just cannot find it in our hearts to erase it from our minds.

 For me, it’s child abuse. I don’t care if you go to jail, get beaten to a bloody pulp daily by other inmates and write me an apology letter three times a week begging for my forgiveness, if you hurt a child all bets are off. You are an adult that has hurt a child, and that child is forever changed because of you. You set off a whole chain of events that robbed the kid of who they might have been and the world of what they might have contributed. You pretty much set a forest fire using human life as an accelerant. You are the lowest of the low and as far as I’m concerned you can’t ever be punished enough.

But Chris and Rihanna are two adults. Granted, young adults, and stupid to the extent that young adults will often times be, but adults nonetheless. And as such, they have the gift of choice. They made their choices, and they have to live with them- the rest of us should mind our business and worry about our own choices.

I bet some of the same women who are mad at Chris Brown are the same women that bought R. Kelly tickets for this tour he’s got going on now. They had to add a second show here in Detroit. What the crap, man?

A final thought about this as I myself to let go of the matter and put it to rest in my own mind would be on another popular argument around the whole “power” or “strength” issue. People say even if she hit him first, he never should have hit her back because he is a male and males are just naturally stronger and capable of inflicting greater injury. Let’s call this the “strength factor,” and use it to refer to the line between the big guy and the little guy. With this in mind, I offer you the following alternative couples and ask you if you feel any differently about the balance of power as far as “who hit who first”...

-1- Chris Brown and Serena Williams (we’ve seen her swing a racket, haven’t we? A punch from her would probably really hurt!)
-2- Rihanna and Verne Troyer (it’s safe to say her reach is probably a little greater than his, giving her a bit of an advantage)
-3- Rihanna and Taylor Swift *
-4- Chris Brown and Kanye West*

*DISCLAIMER: I am not defining or claiming to know anything about anyone’s sexuality. My only point was we limit our views on domestic violence to heterosexual couples but it happens in homosexual couples as well and as often. Where does the strength factor lie in these cases? Think about it.

It’s really time to move on from this. If you aren’t happy with the apology yet, then you probably won’t ever be, and that’s fine. I’m sure you aren’t so blameless that you reserve any rights to judge.

if you can be swayed by the presentation of the apology, then I would question if you were ever really that slighted to begin with. One of the best apologies I ever received involved a very handsome shirtless man doing an exhilarating dance while he covered his chest in baby oil.

I still don’t remember what he did wrong, but I will never forget experiencing the joy of forgiveness.

Songs stuck in my head right now: Cracker "Low"

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