Friday, January 8, 2010

...There are No Reasons Why ~ Sometimes I Just Wonder...

The secret to Diddy’s success? “ Him have two heads” (Funny, I only remember the line, but I can’t remember the movie title)

That has got to be one of the best wax figures ever produced for Madame Tussaud.

Speaking of twins, ever notice…

Don’t try to act like it was just me. I’m reasonably sure they were separated at birth. Could this be the mother?

Is it sound proof? Because I’ll put it in my living room right now if it is.

It’s called an “OfficePod” because you have to put “pod” on the end of everything to make it cool.

My old-had-it-my-whole-life-barely-got-one-ear-left-hanging-by-a-few-threads-but-I-can’t-throw-it-away-because-I-still-love-it-too-much-bunnyPOD.

If Pharrell were to step his fashion game, it would probably look something like this : via

Certainly looks Pharrell inspired with the nerdy eyewear and “snug” slightly effeminate style. I really like it. And no, for once, that is not sarcasm you detect.

Harpo, who dis woman? Well, according to one of my favorites sites,, this is Pharrell’s girlfriend and the mother of his son, Rocket. (I can’t wait until he grows up and starts sending out resumes with that name)

Now what did I say before about celebrities and their girlfriends? What did I say? I said, “no dating ugly women”   What does this look like to you?

It looks like an ugly woman, don't it? Who was it that said when Janet Jackson hooked up with Jermaine Dupri, every average looking man in America thought, “Damn, I had a chance”?


Had I known he was into mediocre chicks, I might have tried to jump him myself. I don’t know if I’m impressed that looks are obviously not important to him or if I’m pissed that he’s wasting all that good DNA reproducing with her.  

Maybe she has a nice personality. Or a hidden talent. Or a great job as an actor in commercials.

She's pretty good. Her acting coach must be proud.

Songs stuck in my head right now:


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