Thursday, February 11, 2010

...I Really, Really, REALLY Want to Lick This...

Do you think this picture is real, or retouched?

Is this not one of the smoothest, creamiest, brownest, most delicious and succulent pieces of flesh you’ve ever seen?

They posted this picture over on the BBC/ Ice Cream blog to show you Pharrell’s new Mario Kart chains. They’re nice, too. Really they are.

But I’m still completely distracted by the amazingly beautiful complexion and texture of the skin he’s showing. And now all I can think about is hunting him down so I can lick his neck.

I haven’t wanted to put my tongue on a complete stranger since years ago when I had a chance to meet Diddy. (He was pretty smooth and creamy looking, too.)

Wow. Talented and tasty looking, too.

Beautiful music and vocals can make even Gucci Mane tolerable.

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