Friday, March 12, 2010

...Sometimes I Just Wonder ~ "Bad Ideas" edition...

Dog Sacks
This is a real ad from the June 1936 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine. If they made these for kids, I might reconsider my stance on motherhood.

A good argument for forced sterilization
Sometimes I see people with kids who are so stupid, I wonder how they even figured out how to have sex. This woman says she’ll name her kid “Megatron” if her brother can get 1 million fans on Facebook before the August due date. When I checked on 3/10/10, he was up to almost 900,000. Let’s hope she was just joking.  But if she wasn’t, and if you enjoy encouraging idiots, you can join in the calamity here:

Junk in the Trunk. No, really.
There’s a bunch of stuff on me that I would just love to nip, snip, lift, and tuck but I refuse to touch anything. One, because even if it doesn't look great, it works wonderfully; and two, because your surgeon might be buying his medical supplies at, oh, I don't know, Walmart.

A New Jersey doctor used a combination of silicone, petroleum jelly, and household caulk for his booty implant solution:

"What we've been hearing from the hospitals is that these women are presented with deep tissue infections and skin infections," New Jersey Health Department epidemiologist Dr. Tina Tan told the New York Post. "Abscesses form in some cases."

According to the Post report, health officials in New Jersey have warned New York authorities about the phony doctor, who could face criminal charges of practicing medicine without a license. The person reportedly "treated" women from hospitals in New Jersey.

Not only did the women suffer health setbacks in their attempt to gain shapely bottoms, the botched butt enhancements allegedly left them disfigured. A hospital source told the Post their backsides are so cratered and lumpy, they resemble "moonscapes."

Good Gear for Bad Spellers
Not really a bad idea, but I always want to pronounce this “Play Clothes” with an “e” on the end to make the long “O” but alas, no “e.”  (It's hard to see it here, but trust me, it' missing.)

Still one of the best clothing logos ever. And the blog is pretty cool, too.

Song stuck in my head this week. From quite possibly the best Busta Rhymes CD ever, the Big Bang

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