Sunday, June 13, 2010

...One is Cool; the Other, Not so Much...

I have always loved this video (Diddy and 'em - Show Me Your Soul). Especially the scenes in the suits. It makes me feel like I opened a box of assorted chocolates and indiscriminately licked them all from one end to the other. Mmm. Chocolate.

Show Me Your Soul
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Now I like this song a lot (Drake - Find Your Love) and I dig the Michael Jackson vibe but the ending drives me nuts.

I mean this chick, my goodness. Fortunately she has the nice bum because from the  neck up, it's a wreck up (yes, the face needs work) and she certainly doesn't come across as the nicest person in the world. She could at least have come to the window and told him to run or something. So not only does she stand in the window (is she washing dishes?) knowing those old looking Jamaicans are coming to kill him, but then she takes the gun and … hmmm.

Maybe she shot the boyfriend instead???

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