Thursday, June 10, 2010

...Why? WHY? WHYYYYY?!?!...

To many of you, this is only a bad picture of a rundown purple building taken from a weird angle inside my car from across the street. (It's a bad neighborhood- I wasn't getting out of the car.)

But to so many of us it’s a photo of a tragedy: Velvet Touch apparently closed its filthy (and probably sticky) doors for the last time earlier this month.

Why is this a tragedy? Imagine stepping into a Lover’s Lane store and finding it devoid of neon lights, bad music, and annoying gum-chewing salespeople. (I mean, really, is it a job requirement to chew gum there?) With its bare walls, minimal lighting and one dollar browsing fee, Velvet Touch offered every item Lover’s Lane offered for a fraction of the price. If the Lane charged eighty bucks for it, you better believe you could buy the exact same thing at the Touch for $15 or less. And in more colors and sizes.

Velvet Touch also offered books, videos, edible bedroom goods, games and er, other, uh toys. Plus, as an added bonus for male customers, they had video booths in the back. You sure didn’t see those at Lover’s Lane. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure where you would go to see those things.

It’s been years since I’ve been a customer but back when I was attending college in the area, my trips were fairly frequent. Someday my then-boyfriend will read this and smile in confirmation. And considering how much I spent there on wedding gifts, there are probably some other smiling men out there reading this, too. Now it’s just another empty building and sign of a sagging economy on my commute to work.

It sounds silly, but the lost of Velvet Touch isn’t just about the closing of one of the best porn and lingerie shops around, it’s about losing a community landmark and a business that understood its customers and provided a great service at great price.

Fare thee well, Velvet Touch…. We knew ye perhaps a bit too well…

In other “Why?! WHY??!?! WHYYYYY?!?!” news

N*E*R*D* has pushed back the release date on their album. Again. So I will reset my countdown clock. Again.

L-R: Pharrell, 12, Chad, 11, Shae, 13 apparently waiting to enter highschool before they release the new CD.

Finally, it is with much sadness that I inform you that my beloved BunBun Bunny passed away quietly in her sleep this past weekend after a long illness. She was in her early 30s. I woke up to find her lone ear missing and after some searching was also able to recover her displaced nose. She will join her fraternal twin sister ClareBear in eternal life. She is survived by her Mom (AngelScribe), and daytime shelf-mates: Noah the Giraffe, Tippy the Turtle, Caboodles the Dog, and Easter the (other) Bunny, along with a host of other lower shelf collectibles.

BunBun had previously suffered a health setback in the 80s when she lost her ear for the first time. The stuffing loss was minor and the ear was reattached without incident. Subsequent ear losses left her with greater, more permanent damage. Her fur had begun to wear thin and wear and tear along her bottom stitching was becoming increasingly noticeable.

Friends and family will always remember her sly smile accented with a bright red tongue, brown marble eyes and quiet comfort. “She was always there for me. No matter how loud the thunder or how bright the lightning, she and her sister Clare did more for me in those early years than a night light ever did.” Says her mom. “I’m glad they’ll be together again, but my heart aches at having to let her go.”

God rest ye merry Bunny friend
…you will be missed very, very much.

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