Wednesday, August 18, 2010

...It's Still Crud...

My position still stands: the problem with the current state of music is the industry itself.

Music industry executives are blinded and apparently rendered deaf by their greed, leaving frustrated music lovers without anything good to love.

Artists and the people directly involved in making the music are all that’s needed, everyone else needs to get out.

That said, Atlantic Records (is it still Atlantic?) is holding Lupe Fiasco’s “L.A.S.E.R.S” CD hostage in exchange for people pretending to enjoy artists like Flo Rida.

There’s an online petition to get the CD released and you can click here to sign it.  I don’t think these things really work, but it might make you feel better to sign it.

If the petition fails, Lupe can always re-record it to sound like complete garbage which will result in it being promptly released to stores with singles being played at :08, :28 and :48 on the hour.

Good advice:

I hear that these Minions are actually Lupe. Which explains their phenomenal flow and skills.
What do we think about Vector? Booooooooo!! I love that part!

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