Wednesday, August 25, 2010

...They're Seriously Trying to Make Me Snap...

A week after posting about the Lupe fiasco, here is a re-enactment of me reading  and finding out that the release date for the new CD, "Nothing" is being pushed back *AGAIN* ....and this time they're not even giving a date!!

Is it the label? Artists' perfectionism disorder? What?!?!?! It's done already! Let us have it! Set the music free, man!!
So here's what I'm thinking~
They can give us the music or we can find them and come and take it.
And it won't be pretty. But it will be worth it. Here's a preview:

Excellent "Sooner or Later" live performance. I guess that's when we'll get the album, sooner or later.
Video - Sooner Or Later (MTV Session) - N.E.R.D. - N.E.R.D Sooner Or Later (MTV Session)...

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