Thursday, August 5, 2010

...WXYZ is Full of...

I always turn on the Weather Channel first thing every morning. Of course, when the TV comes on, it’s on whatever channel I had on last before the timer goes off.

This morning it was on WXYZ, Channel 7 here in Detroit.  My mom loves this channel.

I can’t stand them.

My mom still thinks the news is just the news and not biased, editorialized, racist, or otherwise slanted. Whatever they say is how it happened.

She’s wrong.

So this morning they took a break from their apparent daily arousal at reporting any piece of news that makes the city of Detroit look worse than it is and reported a story about a nice man with a disability named Kevin that will be participating in a 300 mile bicycle race to raise money for charity.

At the end of the report the morning anchors blurted out some website to donate, did the fake TV news laugh complete with “Haha, what an inspiration. Haha.” And then moved on to the next thing.

I checked the station’s website with the little information that was presented to try and find the link and if it’s there, I sure can’t find it.

I tried calling and no one answered (all out in the field picking up more bad news I suppose) so I sent an email through the contact link.

This morning (7/22/10) just before 7am, I caught the end of a news story about a man with a disability (I think visually impaired) with plans to participate in a 300 mile bicycle race for charity. The website to donate to his cause was blurted out at the end but *not* repeated and I can't find any information on your website based on the very little information that was available during the report. I would like this address please so that I can donate and pass it on to others to do the same. - Thank you,

The autoreply:
Thank you for contacting us. We value your opinions and suggestions.
Our team will respond accordingly to your submission.

Two weeks later I still don't have a reply. So if by "respond accordingly" they mean, "we will ignore your request" they are right on the money.

I tried to see what I might be able to find elsewhere online using the few clues I do have “kevin d” “disabled” “blind” “cyclist” “charity” and still no luck.

In the meantime, I would encourage Channel 7 to lighten up a little on the reporting, re-reporting and then reporting yet again any stories that leave the viewer feeling sick, angry, sad, fearful, or disgusted.

This does not spawn action, or change, it just makes it look like every stereotype of the city is true, and it’s not.

Good things happen here all the time, but unfortunately you don’t want to report that.

You’d much rather loop the same dumb footage of Kwame Kilpatrick sitting absolutely still in court doing and saying nothing and spend 40 minutes of the hour talking about that with the rest being about fires, crime and corruption. I’m not saying those things don’t happen or aren’t important, but would it hurt you to do a little digging, and find out some good things happening in Detroit and present a fair, more balanced representation of the day’s events?

Oh wait, that would be too much like responsible journalism.

And you don’t do that.

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