Sunday, October 24, 2010

...I Knew it Was Love...

I happen to find this online and I'm so glad someone posted it because it gives me a chance to point out something really magnificent. It's very subtle, but it's really cute.

Right  about the 2:18 mark we see Beyonce realize a bit too late that if she's going to do that back bendy thingy, she has to have her hand in Jay's waistband, not his pocket. She can't go all the way back now.

So what does he do?  He puts his hand under her to give her something to lean back over. How cool is that?

You know some other guy might have laughed at her unfortunate discovery. Or how many guys might have been so absorbed in their own thing that they wouldn't have even noticed? More than a few, I'm sure.

You just don't run into a lot of guys that are that considerate these days, and I just thought that was a very sweet thing. Small, but still very sweet. What's not to love?

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