Friday, October 22, 2010

...A Lot Can Happen in 24 Hours...

That's right, a bonus post. Lucky you, right? (Just smile and nod, please.)
After limited access to all things media, I came across some very interesting things in the last 24 hours worthy of posting off schedule.

First, surely you've heard by now about the water on the moon:

I have to say I have mixed emotions about this. My initial reaction is: “Cool!  Wonder what else is up there?”  But then I think of that old Gil-Scott Heron spoken word that starts with the line, “A rat done bit my sister Nell…” You know the one.

Already there’s debate about who “owns the moon?” Does it matter? If they end up putting any kind of livable structures up there, it’s not likely any of us will be able to afford it anyway.   Still a cool finding though.
Two more awesome things...
In my Never Been Kissed post, I said that I had a hard time finding a smiling picture of Pharrell Williams. I stand corrected.
Look at that smile!! Isn't he just the cutest cutie cute you've ever seen?
Plugs Three and One looking mighty sharp there, too. I salute you, gentlemen.... "Spray can sexy (Psst, psst)"

Finally, have you ever wondered what it might sound like if someone wrote a song about a drug dealer’s daughter who grew up to be stripper that smokes crack, and breaks her back falling off  the stripper pole resulting in a pain pill addiction? Wonder no more!!! 

Bilal is so underrated.  The whole CD is hot, too, in case you're interested- definitely worth the purchase.

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