Wednesday, October 27, 2010

...Sometimes I Just Wonder ~ "N-Word" edition...

I find it interesting how whenever someone uses a slur, their immediate defense is "well, [they] use it all the time, so why can't I?"
Well first, because they don't have enough sense to know better. And when you use it, you become them. So in essence, it you're really just insulting yourself. Man, are you dumb. Plus for every one person that says it, there are at least three that don't, so your "when in Rome" excuse is null and void. Stop it.

The other reason is familiarity. Even though I have gay friends that call each other "queer" or "queen" or whatever, I know better than to open my mouth and refer to someone like that. Even my closest gay friends that know me, and know my intentions wouldn't hear certain language coming from me. It's called respect.
It's like going to your friend's house and insulting her mom's cooking. Even if it sucks, and everyone knows it, and the kids are all making vomit faces, it's not your mom, so just smile and eat. There's always Kaopectate.

Having said that, here are the three official winners as voted on by me for "They said the "N-word" and it was funny." If you are not one of these three people in the specific situation as shown, just smile and laugh.

Poor Stephanie didn't have a clue. I know Diddy took that line from a Dave Chappelle skit, but under the circumstances it was especially funny.

Rob Stapleton's performance on the first season of Bad Boys of Comedy. Mainly because if you've ever been to the club twice, then you've been at least once with the guy he's talking about.

Between his voice, facial expressions and just the quality of the content, Katt Williams is just funny. I actually like the way the "tigers" pronounce the word.

I never knew there was an "official" video for this song, but I've always loved it since it was an instrumental on Def Poetry Jam. I really miss that show.  (Mos Def "Ghetto Rock")

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