Sunday, October 17, 2010

...This is Pretty Cool...

I usually ignore commercials, but this is one of the few this year that's really managed to catch my eye.

I admit I originally thought the Pepsi Refresh Project wasn't much more than promotion tactic. You know, one of those, "Look at us pretending to care about the community even though we're just a giant greedy conglomerate" type of deals.

Now I'm happy to admit that I was wrong. It's actually quite fascinating, and I came across a lot of interesting projects in a very wide variety of categories all quite worthy of a vote.  And you have the added value of learning about projects that you might want to help in some other way if it's possible. I found a local organization that I'm thinking of volunteering for considering their needs, I might actually be useful. How cool is that?

So in a weird way, the promotion tactic worked. I don't usually drink pop (that's "soda" to you non-Midwesterners), but on the rare occassion I need something fizzy, I'm more likely to grab a Pepsi after all.

Go cast some votes here!!

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