Wednesday, November 24, 2010

...I Am Thankful...

Because these are still the best holiday specials around!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Have a safe and happy holiday!

I am thankful for...
36. birthday well wishes (thank you all so much- it's nice to feel special)
37. birthdays in general (it's like getting "new year's day" twice!)
38. autumn leaves
39. new furniture
40. senses
41. sensibilities
42. cinnamon flavored candy canes
43. fruit flavored candy canes
44. my savings account
45. hooded coats
46. free express delivery (Come on, "Decoded" I'm waiting--)
47. extra long hair pins
48. over-the-knee socks
49. "old-fashioned" pencils
50. pencil sharpeners
51. the lightbulb
52. fish

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