Monday, November 1, 2010

...You Must Remember This...

Just two things- -

First, Vote. --  Tomorrow, November 2, is an election day.

If you go to almost any forum, newspaper website, or just read online articles in general, you’ve probably noticed that some of the most sharp shooting (right or left) shooters are always the people making the most noise. They comment repeatedly, answer all the other commenters, and have an aura of excitement about being full of rage.

I promise you those people will be at the polls tomorrow, but will you?

I know sometimes it feels like your vote doesn’t count. We’ve watched a couple of people cheat their way into office over the years. And the point of the electoral college? Still not sure. But sometimes voting is less about making sure you get what you want, and more about making sure you don’t get what you don’t want. Just ask those Tea Party people. Or anyone that votes religiously for Dancing with the “Stars.”

Second, tomorrow, at last, is the day I’ve been waiting for all spring and summer:

N*E*R*D’s “Nothing” CD will finally be in stores.

Now did one of my music leak friends send me a zipped version of the whole CD at the end of last week? Yep.

Did I download it?

Darn right I did.

I thought of waiting so I could be “surprised” but I figured I could be surprised tomorrow or I could be surprised right away. And since the one of the earlier tentative titles of this CD was “Instant Gratification” I told myself that the boys in the band would have wanted it this way.

I’m still buying tomorrow, and I hope you pick up a copy, too.

I still have the belief that if I keep buying the stuff I enjoy, then record companies will eventually figure it out and give me more of it. Everyone swears they can’t stand Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne or Justin Bieber, but guess what? According to their record sales, a lot of those people are liars.

I have the day off and a late morning doctor’s appointment so I’ll have plenty of time in the morning to go vote, and pick up “Nothing” and Bilal’s “Airtight’s Revenge”

I don’t want to give you a full review (yet) but please, please, when you buy- and this is important- please buy the Deluxe Edition. Those bonus tracks are astounding, and you don't want to miss out.

If you tell me that you didn’t like “Sacred Temple” the minute it got started, then I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. I mean, really, it’s that good.

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