Wednesday, December 8, 2010

...At Some Point, You Have to Draw a Line...

My high school had metal detectors.

Every day, I along with about 3700 other kids were late to class trying to move through them hopefully without being randomly selected for a full search including your backpack, clothing items, a wave of the wand, and a pat down that should have led to (at least) misdemeanor charges on at least two of the security guards.

Then you had the 100 or so kids that just stayed truant rather than be bothered with the search, the 100 or so kids that came in through side doors without weapons but again, avoiding the search, the 50 or so weapons found in the bushes, and the 50 or so kids that came in late after the guards left the door and just basically strolled in the front door with a gun or something in their possession. And there was always the sprinkling of kids that came in, went through the detector, got fully searched and sent on their way, and had something illegal on them the whole time.

I’m reminded of this because of all these TSA measures to keep us safe from “terrorists.”

But how safe am I supposed to feel when your protective measures do more harm to me and my rights than anything?

For nearly ten years now, we’ve had the words “terrorists” and “terrorism” thrown in our faces as an excuse to do anything from raise taxes to starting wars to stripping us of our rights as we’re forced to strip off our clothes.

I’m not saying those dangers don’t exist. The boogeyman can be very real. Especially if you go looking for him: the more you look, the more you see.

But not every monster is the monster you think it is.

Children have definitely been used as weapons of war in the past, but are we going to molest and traumatize every kid flying to see Grandma now?

And then there was the case of the man flying to Orlando from Detroit who was soaked in his own urine after an overzealous TSA personnel broke the seal on the urostomy bag he now uses as a result of bladder cancer. I heard this man speak on the radio and he was obviously still very upset by the whole incident. He spoke of how he tried to tell them of his medical condition and warned them that bag was fragile. He says they told him, “You don’t need to tell us [about your condition].”

I would have thought that listening is part of the observation skills necessary to perform the job, but maybe it’s further down on the list, several bullet points below being a jackass.

So what’s next? Suppose you finally achieve the most effective restrictions ever and manage to make air travel completely safe and impenetrable. Don’t you think if someone really wanted to hurt us, they’d just find another way to do it? What about subways, buses, individual cars? Little red wagons, bicycles and skateboards?

I saw a man on “Oz” kill a guy with a pair of glasses. I wear glasses. But I wear them because I’m farsighted, not because I’m a killer. Although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they try to implant something in my eye, you know, to protect me… from myself.

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