Sunday, January 23, 2011

...I Got Worms..

That's a nod to that scene from Dumb and Dumber but I am referring to earworms, or those songs I get stuck in my head. When I include those on the end of the post, I'm not being cutesy, they really are songs that have been stuck in my head.Sure there are times when the song matches the overall theme of the post, but usually that's just because the song inspired the post.
Sometimes sections of a song will play in a loop for weeks at a time, sometimes the whole song keeps repeating, but I will get something up in there and it won’t come out for anything. It doesn’t bother me. It’s actually kind of fun and probably keeps me from road raging or going on killing sprees at work, but sometimes they are a pain...

...If I’m just hearing sections of a song, a faint part of the melody, or one line of lyrics but I can’t figure out what song it is.

...If it’s a song that I love, love, love but maybe can’t remember the exact title or artist so I can’t find it to hear it and try to get it out of my system.

...If it’s a song that l like, like, like, but really want it to leave me alone because it’s been stuck there for months. (Seriously that “Unicorn Song” from the Despicable Me soundtrack is starting to hurt.)

And then there are the songs that get stuck that I don’t even like, and sometimes downright hate and wish they were never born. They burrow deeply into my brain, turn on a disco ball, and boogie down against my will. (Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of movies from the 70s over the last few weekends.)

If ever there was a funky worm or two, these songs qualify.

Pink – Raise Your Glass

I should love this song since it’s a salute to individuality, but I don’t (yet). I haven’t liked P!nk for a while now, but it’s stuck in my head anyway. Between the radio and video rotations, I estimate that I hear this song 177 times per hour. The video is kind of fun though.

Bruno Mars – Grenade

One of my favorite teachers ever, Mr. David Williams, taught my music classes from kindergarten through the sixth grade. He taught us to read music and “smile when you sing, children, we love singing!” he was a wonderful man and a great influence in my life. (I think I need to give him his own post.) I thought of him because this Bruno guy sings like he’s in the second row of Mr. Williams’ glee club with all his teeth in view. I usually only have the first two lines of this song stuck on repeat but when I finally got through the whole thing, it wasn’t so bad. Nice drums. And I like this video because he doesn’t over-do it on the smiling and I love his devotion to his art and his passion.

Katy Perry – Firework

This song is a little bit too cheerleader-y for me. On the other hand it’s hard to reject positivity.

Jamie Foxx – Freak

Mr. Foxx’s current CD is probably my least favorite of his. If I wanted T-Pain, I would have bought that. And if you play a drinking game with this and take a swig every time he mentions Patron, you’ll be drunk in under 20 minutes. Or if you’re like me and prefer to chug water, then let’s say you’ll be up all night running to the bathroom. All that said, this song stands out from the junk. Lyrically, it’s still a little bit cruddy, but musically I’m not completely mad about it getting stuck in my head. Now hand me some glow sticks.

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