Sunday, January 30, 2011

...If that Groundhog Sees his Shadow… I Will Kill Him...

And how does anyone know what the groundhog "sees" anyway? Do they ask him? And if he answers, maybe we should be putting him to better use.

Pffft. I’m sick of snow. I’m tired of brushing it off the car and driving over it and trying not to slip on it everywhere I go. But I know that’s the wrong attitude.

Snow just wants to be appreciated and loved, but it’s a little mistreated. It’s either being run over or stomped on or shoveled aside, blown away... tinkled on. The best it can hope for is being scooped into a snowman, but even then it eventually melts away without hearing so much as a “thank you.”

I once sat down to write a story about a snowman and it turned into a story about a woman noticing signs of aging and getting all depressed about it. Sorry about that. I was re-reading a lot Hemingway at the time. I ended up deleting the story and showing full respect to snow by writing another story. This time the snowman got to tell his own story. And he took a few people down with him when he went away for the season.

Go snow, go!

No really, you can go now.

Warm hugs and kisses to all the good people throughout the northeast. I have a good friend that lives out that way. Hopefully he’s safe and not buried under a pile of snow. If you see him, hit him with soft snowball for me.

In the meantime, at least some of the pictures are pretty.


(I'm reasonably sure this next one is a car)

Photo credits
  1. Snow dude: Daniel Gagney via TWC
  2. Snow at Temple University: Patrick Destefano via TWC
  3. Snowball fight at Dupont Circle, Jan 26:  via twitter via TWC
  4. Brooklyn NY twc via tomas palacios, facebook
  5. D.C Dome
  6. Snow-mobile
  7. Ronald Marsh riding his bike in Massachusetts on January 12. I’m not sure if that’s just commitment or he needs to be committed. Next time, take the day off!
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