Wednesday, February 9, 2011

...I Watched the Game, Too...

Okay, so I only watched the first half of the game.
And I wasn't really watching it, it was mostly just a background thing while I sorted some files. But I caught the commercials. And so like everyone else, I'm going to drop my Top 7 favorite commercials this year. I'm doing 7 because I didn't want to do 10, but I could not, could not, could not get it down to 5. I tried. I failed. Maybe next time.
These aren't in any particular order, but the first one is definitely my favorite. – Chimps

My other favorite for obvious reasons. I especially like the part about stuff that’s written in the papers by people that have never been here. Amen.
Daimler Chrysler- Eminem Detroit

I’m going to cheat now and count the two Bridgestone ads as one. They really stepped up. And the “Karma” ad made me smile.

Reply to All

Cheating again with the Doritos ads to make them one selection.
Healing Chips – If only it were true. I could think of so many things I would sprinkle Doritos over.

Best for Last – My mom has a thing about licking your fingers in public. Wonder what she thought about this guy.

Coca Cola – Border Control. This isn’t “Ha! Ha!”funny, but it was a clever way to point out the dumb things we fight over, and how easy it would be not to.

Mercedes – Diddy. When Diddy pops up and says, “I know that’s not my car,” it reminded me of one of the (many, many) times someone tried to steal Dad’s Z-28 out of the drive way when I was kid. That car was always trying to go for a ride.

Audi – Prison Break. This one had so many dumb things happening one after the other it was hard not to laugh.

This post is dedicated to one very awesome rooster. You'll never convince me that was an accident.

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