Friday, March 11, 2011

...(What the Hell?!)...

Let's call it incompetence.
I want to call it something different, but it’s late as I write this and I’m trying to keep calm.
This is the sort of stuff that happens all the time, and then sometimes, someone happens to have a camera.

Let’s see if we’re thinking the same thing…
  • Why didn’t they get their lazy effin’ asses out of the car and chase him on foot?
  • He’s not running into traffic for fun, he’s being chased by a two -ton vehicle.
  • The man is on the ground with his hands on his head, then the cops are on his back and neck, and get one hand cuffed. How friggin hard is it to get the other hand cuffed on someone who’s disarmed and disabled on the ground under the weight of two people?
  • All three of them pull out their tasers within seconds of getting to him while he’s already on the ground.
  • How many police officers does it take to get into a locked car? One to yell for someone else to unlock the door, and the rest to once again tase the kid hand-cuffed on the ground.
  • They must have all been absent on the day they covered handcuffs and car door locks.
  • At the end she says, “we’re not trying to kill you, you idiot, we’re trying to help you” really, so using a taser on a person is helpful is it?

Still not pissed off yet? Watch it now with the unbiased news report voiceover. If you close your eyes, you’re likely to visualize something different, say like multiple officers at the mercy of a crazed, raging lunatic.

At one point, the voiceover says he fights back when the video clearly shows him not moving with both hands on the ground.  She also says it takes 6 officers to subdue him. Perhaps the other three are invisible to the rest of us.

By the way, this video was taken by the local ABC affiliate station news crew who happened to be onsite for another story about the police chief being fired earlier that same day. The arrest and the chief’s termination had nothing to do with each other. Apparently just some wicked timing.

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