Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(Gone Fishin')

I’m still in the process of reviewing and editing this blog and I’m working on two freelance assignments that I happened to land at the same time. (Woohoo! Let’s hope they lead to more)

The bad news is there won’t be a formal post this week. Please take a minute to pretend you are sad about it.

The good news is you get to enjoy this great “Gone Fishin” art created by Becca. Her stuff is so sassy, I love it! I posted a few other amazing drawings that caught my eye, but you should visit her tumblr to see more of her incredible talent. You can also visit the BeccaShop to order items or request some original artwork. Her prices are pretty reasonable, and I've always contemplated doing some pin up style poses myself.  Maybe I'll try it and post the results... maybe.

And if you enjoy fun little finds like these and you haven’t already taken a peek at my other blog, Awesome Inspiration, please do so. If I had a really large museum of art, music, poetry and literature, this would be it—if museums were in 2D.

I like the hair on this one - "Agent Foxy"

I like the hair on this one, too - "Columbia and Magenta"

"Tiki Streaks"

"Saucy Space Girl"

Velma, Daphne, and Scooby

I hum this song a lot, pretty much all the time at work. And whenever someone asks me what it’s called for some dumb reason, I always want to say, “Rita” …At least I had a woman’s name in there.
Perez Prado - Patricia

And one more from the Mambo king
April in Portugal

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