Wednesday, June 1, 2011

...I'm Number One!!... I'm Number One!!....

I hate colds. Especially summer colds.

I have one right now, and let me tell you, it bites the big one. Considering the body aches, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was more like the flu. Whatever it is, it’s miserable.

You all know by now how much I struggle with maintaining control of my time. I think I’m really honest about my frustrations with giving up too much of myself to meet the needs of other people. The same people that I know have never, and would never, do the same for me. My last three “vacations” were really spent accommodating the needs of others, and doing a lot of running around. I’ve also been running around a lot on the weekends.

I’m pooped.

I want a rest. I need a break. Oh, and did I mention Parasite keeps dropping by and “accidentally” leaving things at the house? I think they’re trying to do a covert move-in operation. I knew I should have swung and moved when I had the chance.

So I’ve been wondering: If thoughts are things, and things can be alive; and all living things must die, can you be killed by your thoughts?

I know that’s a fairly big leap under some faulty reasoning, but could you consider the possibility? Sometimes, I think my thoughts have sharp edges. And since I’m always holding my thoughts in with respect to certain things and people, my thoughts could be cutting me up from the inside for the world’s slowest, longest hemorrhage.

If I am the cheese, I am Swiss….And therefore, so very yummy on a turkey or ham sandwich, but also full of holes. Or maybe I'm more like a beer barrel with a plugged hole at a frat party. You get where I'm going with this. Someone's always trying to pop my cork and drain me dry.

I’m taking my own advice. Again. And I’m going to keep taking it until I get it right. If I don’t take care of me, no one else will.

Sometimes I wonder if people are deliberately trying to wear me down so if my body gives out, they can collect on the insurance. They might be surprised to find out that my mother is my only beneficiary, and if she can’t collect, then there are three charities that will be surprised with a generous donation in the event of my demise. Take that, vultures!

This weekend, I plan to do absolutely nothing but suck back the Nyquil and sleep. I’ll turn the all the ringers off to make sure I don’t accidentally answer, another bad habit of mine.

Phone: Rrrrinnng!!
My inner voice: Oh crap, it’s (so-and-so)
My outer voice before I know it: “Hello?”

I have more than enough food to eat without having to go out, order in, or even really having to cook, the exception being some brownies I've been looking forward to baking since I bought them on Sunday. I might even turn on the TV or something… see what’s “new” on the History channel. (get it? get it?) Or catch up on my Netflix.

Starting Friday at 5pm until Monday morning, I am my own top priority. I'm going to soften up the edges on those thoughts and heal myself. Because as Babs Bunny from Making the Band once said, “nothing is more important than me!” Well stated, Babs. Darn, I miss that show. Maybe I'll pull out the old videos this weekend.

I hope you have a peaceful rest of the week.

If you could taste a video, this would taste like a slightly chilled Kit Kat bar.  Mmmm.
Pharrell f/ Kanye West "Number One"

Gnarls Barkley "The Last Time"

Deborah Cox "Sentimental"

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