Wednesday, July 6, 2011

...It's Show Time!!...

Possibly the only thing worse than the state of modern music is the state of modern television. With the exception of Wipeout and almost anything on the History Channel, I don't really watch much TV anymore.

I used to be one of those people that had the TV on all the time just for "background noise" but I found that even though I wasn't paying attention to it, it was doing something weird to the atmosphere. I'm just inches away from cancelling my cable altogether.  So I found myself feeling a little big nostalgic for all the things I loved about TV as a kid.

Join me, won't you?

As I started putting this list together, it got crazy long and out of control. So in an effort to force myself to narrow it down, I had to set up some criteria:
  • Great theme music (Which is one of the ways this list got so out of control in the first place)
  • Great childhood memories to go along with it. ( I remember this one time…)
  • Show needed to actually be good (as in “entertaining program I actually looked forward to seeing on a regular basis.)
  • I could find it online. (Obviously)
And that’s it… let’s go.

(In no particular order)

Great Space Coaster - This makes me flash back to getting my hair combed in the morning before school. And the time Cassie got frostbite. (HAHAHA. I'll have to tell you about that one day.)

The Fall Guy - Why did every show in the 80s have a similar looking blonde chick on it?

A Different World - The show wasn't as good during the later seasons but I chose this version of the theme because Boyz II Men sang it, and I had the biggest crush on Mike McCary back then.

21 Jump Street - Seriously, just don't even call me on Sunday at 7p.

The Smurfs

DuckTales - WooOoooh

Jem- When I was a kid, and more girl than dude, this was really on point with me. I had the coloring books and everything- just not the ugly giant dolls.

Greatest American Hero - I surprised myself remembering all the words to this.

Bosom Buddies - How they kept that secret for as long as they did is a mystery to me. They didn't look like chicks at all

Blossom - And I am not ashamed! ...Well maybe just a little

Reading Rainbow - Naturally! I swear to you if this show still came on, I would still be watching it.

Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids - Naa, naa, naaa, gonna have a good time - Hey! Hey! Hey!

Kidd Video – It’s like Interstella 5555 if the Daft Punk movie had been crazy corny. But back then I loved the heck out of this show. Ay Ay Ay- we look like... cartoons!

Hong Kong Phooey - I can't believe there are people that still won't acknowledge he was black.

Kidbits - This show came on at 5 in the morning on a Saturday. And we got up every weekend to watch it, too.

Okay, obviously I watched too much TV back then, but this was long before the ratings went to shows like Jersey Shore. I wonder if that's why I'm all burned out on it now? Hmmm.
- This was one of the later versions of the theme (see the baby Smurf?)

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