Sunday, August 14, 2011

...My Dad Would Enjoy This...

Tomorrow is Dad's birthday~

You know how it is… you hear or see something that reminds you of something else. But it occurred to me one day as much as my father claimed to not like hip hop or what was then “modern” R&B, there was always some video that would make him stop what he was doing and pay attention every time it came on.

If it was funny, had a message, or had pretty girls, it pretty much had him hooked. Blame “The Box” and “Video Soul”… it was hard to not get addicted.

Wrecx-n-Effect – New Jack Swing

Rumpshaker (of course.) This video used to make me gag because of that one scene. “Ladies,” please try to keep your tongue in your mouth when you dance. It’s not cute.

What you really look like dancing with your tongue out

Diamond D – Sally Got a One Track Mind.

Heavy D and the Boyz – Nuttin but Love (Count the cameos, including Kim Porter mouthing the words, “What’s yours is mine” around the 4 minute mark. No surprise.)

Black Sheep – Strobelite Honey

Gangstarr - Just to Get Rep (notice there are no actual guns in this video)

3rd Bass- Gas Face

A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum. Her bum wasn’t all that, but this song was/is/will always be awesome.

And something Dad would most certainly not approve of. One wonders why a Minister and Deacon are carrying knives and tasers in the first place.

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