Wednesday, August 31, 2011

...Sometimes the Calm Comes *After* the Storm...

Beautiful video that happens to be set to (quiet as it’s kept) my absolute all time, forevermore favorite song, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

This is especially interesting to me because I’ve been doing a lot of cloud watching lately. The weather’s been so odd and there have been so many amazing formations. Plus, it’s one of the few things that regularly helps to keep me calm since a slight injury forced me to reduce the workouts.

The good people over at the BBC Ice Cream blog have shared with us Shadi’s video, Calm after Irene. My cloud shots are after the jump.

“There was a beautiful sunset today after a gloomy weekend. I ran to my roof as fast as i could and filmed it. The music you hear was in my head as i watched the clouds speed by. I hope you enjoy watching”

Calm after Irene from on Vimeo.

Now Play the Cloud Game!

A wonderful friend of mine retired last year, and I inherited a jelled Snowman she kept on the window. I left it up for too long and the sunlight left behind an imprint. The "smile" you see was actually the scarf. The "hair" were little jewelled snowflakes. It makes me feel like someone's smiling down at me.

This one has a duck face in the middle, but the big overall cloud looks like a turtle. It's a durtle!

Another view through my office window.

A surprised baby. That eye on the right looks seriously human to me.

A whale and a tugboat

This looks like one of those cool optical illusions. I see a lady but sometimes she looks like she's coming down towards me and sometimes she looks like she's flying up and away from me.

My favorite. Turn your head to the right and it's Neptune's trident.
Turn your head to the left and it's a Phoenix rising. Cool!

Dramatics "Hey You, Get Off My Mountain" ... Hey You, Get off my cloud...

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