Wednesday, November 2, 2011

...Birthdays are Awesome!!...


A time for reflection. For growth, hopefulness. For cake. For lying about your age.
I’m so happy right now, I’m almost nervous. But it’s true. I’m not quite over the habit of waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I’m working on it. Right now, in fact.

Every so many minutes I sit up straight and smile at nothing. Then I close my eyes and appreciate the good feeling. If I fall asleep tonight and don’t wake up know that I went with a smile, and know that I love you and I’m glad that you come by to visit me.

You’re a good person.

Last year was a strange year for me. It’s like I opened a closest door and all the skeletons fell out. Some of them weren’t even my skeletons. Then they got up and started chasing me. Last I checked they were in the living room going on and on about how good my brownies are. Which, to be honest I do make really, really good brownies.

As I move forward in this next year of my life, I think if there is any one thing I’m going to promise to myself it’s that I’m not going to make any major promises to myself about anything. I still have goals, and plans, and dreams, and I’m still actively working toward them but I don’t feel the need to announce anything I have going on because I just don’t want to.
And I am a good enough reason.

Flying Lotus – Infinitum

I swear the version of this that I checked out from the library was a bootleg.
Kanye West & Jay-Z “That’s My Bitch”

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