Wednesday, November 9, 2011

...My Heart is Breaking...

I’ve stood all I can stand, friends.

No one else is allowed to go without my express written permission and I’m not giving it, so don’t even ask.

This is like losing your best friend, or your big brother.

It’s hard to pull together the words to describe my love for Heavy D. When it comes to the “soundtrack of my life,” this is high on the list. I popped two different tapes of Nuttin But Love. (And a third copy, if you believe me when I tell you can play a CD until it becomes warped like vinyl)

The style, the dancing, the music, Hev is one of the best representations of everything that was great about one of the happiest times in my life.

You’re on my mind. And I wish you a Peaceful Journey, Brother, I hope you hear me

Friends & Respect

We Got Our Own Thang

This video was so cool - Somebody for Me

This song rocks so the pay phone doesn't "date" the video, it just proves it's classic - Gyrlz, They Love Me

My theme song, because no one else was saying it then (and come to think of it, they don’t really say it now) - Black Coffee

Someone borrowed the visual from “Nuttin But Love” for this, but I’m just happy they posted it. This was always one of my favorites -This Is Your Night

Dancing with the Stars missed out. - Got Me Waiting Remix

You Can't See What I Can See

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