Wednesday, December 7, 2011

...That Reminds Me...

This is kind of a quiz for music freaks.

I come across these things all the time and then usually I forget about them, but for (soon to be revealed) semi-obvious reasons these popped up all at the same time so they’re kind of stuck.

What do these remind you of?

Kelis – “Perfect Day”

Michael Jackson – “Earth Song (What about us?)”

Frank Ocean – “Novocane”

Think about it, then hit the jump for the answers.

Somehwere around the 2-minute mark, the Alan Parsons Project – “Robot” starts to sound a bit like it could be Kelis’ musical twin

Alan Parsons Project _ “If I Could Change Your Mind” might be related to the “Earth Song”

And these songs don’t match, but I bet if the video for U2’s “Numb” met “Novocane” at a party they would become fast friends.

So how’d you do? I’m guessing you were three for three. Nice work!

And yes, I know this was geek behavior, but admit it, you enjoyed it a little bit.

**Happy Birthday Hugs and Kisses to very good friends, "Z" and "Cubis"

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