Wednesday, January 25, 2012

..."I'm Just Lucky to Be Here"...

How much longer before we come out of the “well, at least I have a job” phase?

I can think of a few fields that are doing exceptionally well (contrary to what the media would have you believe). Unfortunately, I’m not in any of those fields. With every passing day, I feel more and more like I just have to remind myself how lucky I am to be working.

It’s time for some additions to my gratitude list and I’m going to focus on what I love about the job I’m starting to wonder if I still love. You might find it interesting that on the day I edited this my Rev Run’s Word of Wisdom was as follows:

“To achieve success you must exude thankfulness no matter what present position you’re in. Remain grateful and happy!"

Okay, I will.

I am grateful for…

77. My position upgrade. The combination of my pay raise and this year’s pay cut only sent my salary back by three years instead of about 5.

78. Chaos and disorganization. Being the last chick standing from the last 10 years means they can’t boot me until they completely download my brain of organizational history.

79. Working in mental health. Because no one notices (or acknowledges noticing) that I am a strange individual.

80. Decent benefits. Even though we’re paying two arms and a leg for health insurance, at least we have insurance to cover the remaining leg, torso and head.

81. Flexible scheduling. I’d be lying if I didn’t say this is a big part of why I stay. I can get here 90 minute early, leave 90 minutes early and consequently avoid people for 3 hours of the day.

82. ADA. (Americans with Disability Act) accommodations. It’s not really a disability but they were kind enough to move me to a dark corner for my migraines. Although this might have been as much for their safety as my health.

83. Professional Development. We don’t have the budget for it that we used to, but very few jobs will allow you as many resources as this place has to learn on the job. So had there been something on my resume that I wasn’t as proficient in as I might have stated, I was able to learn it quickly.

84. Tuition reimbursement. Again, don’t have the money for this as we did before, but if it ever picks back up and I bump my head and decide to go back to school, I could probably afford to do it without taking out any additional loans... stupid, freakin, college loans...

85.Tech support. I seldom understand a word they’re saying, but they get the job done.

86. Location. Far enough away from my home to not be so close to the drug and whore houses but close enough that I can leave late and still get here on time if I take a back road.

87. Being able to come up with nearly 10 things to be grateful for about working here.

I’m just going to stay positive through the chaos and know that this work thing will work itself out. The way I hear it, I’m lucky to even still be here.

This earworm is chasing its tail…

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

Run with it…
Walter Murphy – A Fifth of Beethoven

And the song you probably thought of first (even though I think it technically samples the disco version)
Thicke – When I Get You Alone

Thicke - When I Get You Alone by universalmusicbelgique

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