Wednesday, February 22, 2012

...Mine Would Be a Short Story...

Watching Whitney Houston’s home-going ceremony was eye opening.

When a person of her status passes away, there are no shortage of stories about their career highs and lows, but rarely does anyone have the real story.

I watched friend after friend stand up and share all kinds of funny memories. No matter how many times I had heard she had a completely different side from the public image, seeing so many people say such nice and interesting things was a surprising but pleasant and heartwarming experience.

It’s also a reminder that every step in life is a word to our life’s story and we should try to make sure we take steps in the right direction to build an amazing story.

Of course, an amazing story doesn’t mean that we don’t have missteps and mistakes.

Hopefully it just means that every day as we go along, we take as many turns as we can and make the plot interesting.

And hopefully it means that we rest when we are tired, but as soon as we are able, we get up and keep right on stepping.

I established long ago that I want no funeral. I plan to be cremated with my ashes spread at the feet of Christ the Redeemer (and no I didn’t mean, “the foot of Christ the Redeemer.” I understand that it doesn’t really have feet, but I said what I meant.)

I wonder now what would be said about me if I did have a funeral. I shudder at the thought. The conversations I have with friends and family make it clear to me that anyone who’s read this blog more than twice could paint a more accurate picture of who I am than any of them could.

If it were up to those people to tell my story, it would probably be a one-liner and a complete lie.

My own version wouldn't be that great right now either: She woke up, worked all day, and eventually caught a couple hours of sleep. Repeat.

As usual, I'm working on that. I get caught on the hamster wheel like anyone else and then something happens to remind me this isn't as it's meant to be. I know in my heart that my story is meant to be one of those "Choose Your Adventure" books. Remember those? Those were awesome. You could always start over and pick another path if you wanted to.

So aside from the music and films, I am grateful to Ms. Houston for the reminder...

I must not only create the story, but also share the story so that others can be inspired to create their own.

Whatever your given talent- and I know you have one- use it to make your story known.

Stuck in my head...
I never decided which video version I love more so...
Kanye West f/ Adam Levine - Heard 'Em Say

Art by Mr. Bill Plympton (Check out "Idiots & Angels" if you can)

Okay, so this wasn't stuck in my head but it seems appropriate
Beyonce - I Was Here

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