Wednesday, March 14, 2012

...You Can Save the World...

How do you save the world?

I happened to come across this picture while I was editing a post about some ideas for things to make America a better place. The economy’s bad, the climate’s crazy, the loud and rowdy seem to be overtaking the quiet and reserved, and all you see around you is propaganda and distractions.

There is very little news, very little information or knowledge.

I was looking at these pictures and just thought the whole thing seems impossible. For the first time ever I honestly thought there was no answer, no real solution to these problems. They loom too large and spread too wide.

The traditional answer of “start where you are” seemed cliché. And then I thought about it and realized it was so crazy it just might work.

If you ask 100 people what the biggest problem is facing the country, you’re not going to get the same 100 answers. Some things will pop up more than others, but if you dig deeper what you’ll find is that most people are answering a different question. The question they’re answering is “What is the one thing you want improved in your life?”

Despair not, friends. Even a selfish answer to a community question can lead to solutions that work for everyone if we can commit to taking things at least one step further.

Everyone can’t do everything, but everyone can do something.

I know there’s something that matters to you for yourself or your family. It could be anything. It could be the job situation, or the environment. It could be the war, famine, poverty. It could be children. It could be art, music or dance.

The people over at Invisible Children made a video.

By the time you read this almost everyone in the world will probably have viewed that video if the viewing totals are to be believed (currently nearly 72 million on You Tube, 16.3 million on vimeo)

Some people will look at this video and shrug. Some will share it, some of those will launch into a discussion about it. Some will be so intrigued that they will be moved to action.

Of those moved to action, some will write letters, some will donate money, some may even contact Invisible Children directly to see how they can help even if it means packing up and taking a trip somewhere for some hands on work.

Some will become furious and talk about how there are issues in this country that we need to address. But even those same people can be moved to some level of action on the issue they had in mind.

Something is important to you.

There is something you love, something that brings you happiness. Or even something that brings you sadness that you’d like to change, or at least wouldn’t wish on anyone else.

I encourage you to give it some thought. Pick an issue. And if you can’t pick one, pick many to start and narrow it down as you go if you must.

Once you have your “something” explore it. There’s an organization that’s doing exactly what you think should be done. Find out what they need: supplies or money or people to show up at their local site and sort, count and organize something. You don’t have to give up all of your weekends or neglect your family to get involved, but there is something really important that they need, and you might be just the person who can give it to them.

If everyone committed to doing just one small thing in their area of interest, the job would be done already.

Every contribution counts, and like so many other things in life you never know how one thing can lead to the next big thing.

Two weeks ago you probably had no clue who Joseph Kony was. And by now you can’t figure out why you never knew. If nothing else, you now have an awareness, and awareness is pretty much where everything starts.

Now that you’ve got a start, get going!

Stevie Wonder – Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)

I finally heard what Drake did to this song and it’s now clear to me why people don’t like Drake.
Gil Scott-Heron – I’ll Take Care of You

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