Wednesday, April 11, 2012

...You Chose Your Choice...

(Calvin) " Nothing I do is my fault. My family is dysfunctional, and my parents won't empower me! Consequently, I'm not self-actualized! My behaviour is addictive functioning in a disease process of codependency! I need holistic healing and wellness before I accept any responsibility for my actions! (Hobbes) One of us needs to stick his head in a bucket of ice water. (Calvin) I love the culture of victimhood."

Life does not have one clear path through it.

Everyone makes different choices, takes different turns, stops in different areas. We are all different, and we are all sometimes right, and sometimes wrong.

My friend, “Albright” is always saying, “everyone can always tell you what you’re doing wrong or what you need to do but no one ever tells you how to do it right.”

That’s a little like telling someone how to wipe their butt. I could give you specific instructions, but dude, it’s wiping your butt. The instructions are this: get yourself clean.

“Yes, but how?” Albright would say.

I can’t help Albright. He’s stopping just short of blatantly asking me to wipe his butt for him.

He does this because it’s a way to avoid responsibility for things. I’ve been through enough arguments and rough discussions with him to know this now. His answer to every disaster is either, “But so-n-so told me to …” or “But no one told me I should…” or “But I didn’t know how to…”

What can I say? Albright is just lazy, "crazy," or both.

I tried really hard to think of a time in my life when I didn’t have a choice, and I couldn’t come up with much. Even in the one situation where someone literally twisted my arm to make me do something, I look back and think I probably should have just let them break my arm and then let them have to explain how it happened. But that’s looking back.

I was 12 at the time, so as difficult as it is for me to do so, I know I have to cut myself some slack and remind myself that I was a kid and did what I thought best to do.

I understand that sometimes when we are in the middle of a situation we don’t always have the time, or clear vision to make the better choice.
Just do the best you can. Then accept whatever it is that you have decided to do. Even if you do nothing, your inaction is a still a decision.

And whenever you feel like you’re almost being forced to decide at gunpoint, you can always opt to take the bullet.

Cowards die many times before their death;
The valiant never taste of death but once
- Ol’ Willie Shakespeare

I know this attached to another song on In My Mind, but I wasn’t thinking of that song, just this one…
Pharrell – I Really Like You Girl

The subtle background vocals on this are subconsciously making you feel mellow.
N*E*R*D – Stay Together (Spymob version!)

The amazing instrumentation on this is overtly making you want to shake your butt.
N*E*R*D – She Wants To Move

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