Wednesday, May 23, 2012

...It's Just Different...

That unintentionally funny “I Am Other” campaign left me with the “Really?” face.

If I close my eyes, the message is okay, but when I open them I see a bunch of people that look like models staring off into space. Not sure what’s so “other” about gang of super pretty people pretending to embrace being different.

They make it look so exciting, like "Join us, we're cool and we have fun."

I have been different my whole life and it wasn’t all that fun. It was just... different.

I can recall having whole groups of girls telling me they had decided I was too weird to talk to and then ignoring me for the rest of the year. I often think if the adolescent I was then were to be here today, there would probably be a video on YouTube or somewhere of that little girl having her butt kicked.

I still quite frequently find myself in conversations where the response I get makes me wonder if I’m really speaking English. This is even with so-called like-minded individuals; we’re all talking about the same thing, or so I thought, and I’ll mention something and there’s dead silence.

My sister told me if I was a TV show, the screen would have to freeze after I said anything so they could insert a voiceover to explain what I just said. I don’t feel like I’m saying anything astronomical, but I guess it must be out there because I send it out but darn if it ever comes back.

I complained to my Dad about it once- literally once, and his answer was “a different person in your position would pity the person you think you want to be.”

“What, normal?”


I was so mad at him for that. I think I still am a little bit.

Of course, my dad also used to tell me almost with pride, that I was “unconventionally pretty.” Yes, just what a teenage girl wants to hear: you are weird and ugly, embrace it.

It worked though because I embrace myself probably better than most which I find is key to avoid seedy situations and the people that love them.

Sure, I stay in my head a lot because the conversation is more entertaining (no one gets my jokes quite like I do) but for the most part it’s kind of nice being my own best friend because I know I’m really reliable and can always count on me.

I get frustrated as all get out trying to talk to people sometimes.

I brought up the solar eclipse this past weekend and somehow it turned into a conversation about Basketball Wives. I was dragged there against my will and had nothing to contribute other than head nodding and “unh hunh” and “ohhh, woowww.” *

So I hug myself emotionally because who else is going to do it.

I keep reading and learning just in case I ever meet someone I can talk to, I’ll be ready. And because reading and learning make me happy.

It makes me happy to even write that.

So I suppose if someone decides to be whatever they feel is more of their true self because Pharrell said said so, (Be like me, and be yourself!) then God bless them and God bless him, too.

But the ad still seems like it’s missing a Cyclops or something.

Now this guy… He is Other.

Jean Sok, a Cirque du Soleil performer might be the best example of embracing what’s different about you.

Goodie Mob Fight to Win (performance at the 2012 Billboard Awards)

ODB – Hippa to Da Hoppa

Notorious B.I.G. & Method Man – The What

*I admit it: I did say “woowww” at one point. Sounds like some of those broads are prime candidates for big pharma agenda pushing. I mean, really, the producers should carry tranquilizer darts. I would consider watching the show if they did.

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