Sunday, May 27, 2012


Cedar Point is open!

Mean Streak

Blue Streak

The Corkscrew - the thing I remember most about the corkscrew was that you waited in line for what felt like 2 hours to get on a ride that felt like 20 seconds. Fun though.

The Gemini - so named because there were two going side by side on the track

The Coal Miner – my favorite ride besides the Gemini and the Wildcat, the joy of this ride was its rickety motion and loud creaking. It always sounded like it was going to completely fall apart at any minute

The Wildcat - Not a lot of steep drops on this one but the speed was break-neck.

The Mantis- this ride made its debut after my family stopped going so I never had a chance to hop on. Looks like I’m missing out

Cheers to Coasterwiz for uploading this and bringing back some great memories.

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