Sunday, June 24, 2012

...I Could Watch this All Day, Mayne...

It's funny but it was created out of a serious context.

{Terrence Howard says "Mayne"}

Directed and edited by Diran Lyons:

"Terrence Howard Says 'Mayne' (Hustle and Flow Supercut)" emphasizes the androcentric use of language in Craig Brewer's film "Hustle & Flow." The video was inspired in part by Ewuare Osayande's essay, "Manufacturing Pimps: Rewarding the Violent Repression of Black Women." In it, Osayande presents a powerful critique of the film's glorification of male-dominance and the exploitation of women.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the essay but it’s a good read with some interesting points.
PiNK COUNTER = MAYNE is said to a woman.
BLuE COUNTER = MAYNE is said total, man, woman, thing, ho, or trick.

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