Wednesday, June 27, 2012

...It's an Invasion of the Bean Snatchers...

I have a magic bean.

I know it’s not literally a magic bean but I call it that because of all of the amazing things that have grown from it and that I’m sure will come later.

Whenever I tend to it, I notice something else awesome about it. I love it and it makes me smile. That’s pretty magical. I hope it never loses its magic.  I lay awake some nights hoping it’ll always be okay.

There are some people out there that are anything but magical beans. They’re like, anti-beans or something….Bean-o, if you will.

Maybe, Bean snatchers.

I have one of those, too.

Bean snatchers are those angry, miserable, unhappy people who are always mad, sad, or dramatically upset about something. There’s always something wrong. No one knows the trouble they’ve seen, nobody knows their sorrow.

Yeah, well, nobody cares either.

It sounds horrible. The first human inclination is to think if someone showed these bean snatchers some love they wouldn’t have to be so obnoxious.

My experience disagrees with this. The likely response would be for them to complain about the love you show. How you show it,  the amount you show, your reasons for showing it,  all surmounting to an angry tirade while you run away and hear behind you, “You’re showing it wrong!”

So I don’t bother. Beano complains about that, too.


I’m putting the focus on my magic bean.

I have so many things I want it to know but I have to remind it (and myself) that it will take a lifetime to know them and even then we still won’t know everything and that’s perfectly fine.

But the things on my heart in this minute that I would share right now…

I tell it that it is always okay to be angry, but it’s never okay to take your anger out on someone else. I remind it that it’s kind of pointless to be angry about things you can’t control.

It’s okay to have fantasies and dreams, but understand the difference between them. Fantasies are not real nor will they ever be. Dreams can come true if you work at them. Consider, plan, act and be flexible.

It’s okay to want things, but wanting is not enough; you have to work for it. If you want a million dollars, you have to work hard or invest well, or play lotto, but you won’t wake up with it under your pillow just because you think you should. And you can’t be mad at someone else because they won’t go out and bring it to you.

Someone who might want something different can still be your friend if you respect each other. It isn’t a personal slam against you for someone to have another opinion or another dream.

I’d remind it that the most beautiful flowers still need a little dirt to grow. And the muddy parts of life serve a purpose if we are smart about how we handle them.

If you look for things to be miserable about, you will find them.

And maybe the thing I wish I knew sooner:

Just because life isn’t exactly how we want it, or not quite how we pictured, doesn’t mean it’s a bad life.  

Maybe it means we took the scenic route.

It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to this. I forgot how much I liked it. Seems appropriate.

Hanne Hukkelberg – Do Not as I Do

Fiona Apple – Waltz (Better Than Fine)

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