Wednesday, November 28, 2012

...He Knew What He Was Talking About...

I happen to come across a familiar name on some paperwork and after some digging around, I re-discovered an old, old friend of mine.

We met somewhere around the 5th or 6th grade and we spent a lot of time together because teachers used to always sit the kids in alphabetical order which meant for years and years she sat one or two seats in front of me. Except that one time in the seventh grade when she was put in the wrong class.

By the time they discovered she was a nerd, too and moved her into our class she ended up behind me. I remember turning around to talk to her sometimes and she would be scribbling her boyfriend’s name all over stuff and “Mrs.  Her-first His-last-name”  on any space she could find.

Not long after we graduated high school, they got married. I remember going to the wedding with one of my best friends at the time. “How long do you think it will last?” I heard the lady behind me say.

“A lifetime.” The guy next to her said, and my friend and I exchanged a look.

The wedding itself was strange. A mixture of their families, people from their church, and a whole bunch of recent high school graduates  that could all pass for 12 or 14 years old.

I showed my dad some of the wedding pictures and he laughed so hard he almost choked. “That looks like a school play.”

So the years go by and we grow up. We go to college and some of us even graduate.

There are marriages and divorces, and kids and if you can believe it- because I don’t- some grandkids.

I run into another old friend who tells me my profile on one of those “find your old friends” type of sites reports me as married with children living in whatever city doing whatever job.

The city was right. Scary. But of course, everything else was way wrong. Single, child-free, and not a teacher, unless telling you what I think counts as education.

But I guess when you lose track of folks, sometimes curiosity will fill in its own blanks.

I’ve heard my friend (the wedding date one) is married for the second time and has two, possibly three kids now. That last time we spoke, I recall her second baby being on the way but I don’t remember much else. I miss her sometimes, she was a mad cool person. Really, really sweet and smart, and a good friend. (“Melvyn” if you’re out there, say “hello”)

I heard a different friend was in jail for a lifetime. Turns out he’s anything  but--unless that was intended to be a joke about being married so long.

A guy I had a huge crush on is divorced and, ready? … looking for me.

Hot dog!... Be still my beating heart!

My friend and former boss told me about how she’s been reconnecting with everyone through facebook ever since she retired, and how it’s nice to find people you’ve lost touch with.

I guess.

 But mostly I don’t want to be found, and most of the folks I have even a little interest in wondering about don’t have facebook pages either.  Ha. No wonder we were friends. 

Plus, there’s always someone who does have a page and wants to know about everything going on with everyone all the time. This person’s is always more than willing to be town crier slash pony express man and spread the news. If I’m looking for anyone, I can just call them and ask. Guaranteed results in under 48 hours, too.

So my friend, the kiddie bride I haven’t seen since her wedding day, her name or one similar to it pops up on some papers for work and out of curiosity, I Bing the name that I remember and find it attached, all these years and years later to the guy she married way back when. They’re still together.

Who knew that kind of stuff could happen? People get married and stay married. Very young people at that. I suppose little miracles, they really do happen every day.

Score one for the guy in the pew behind me.

. . .
I just noticed something about the earworm titles…

Adam Lambert - Trespassing

Rufus f/ Chaka Khan – Stay

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