Wednesday, January 9, 2013

...I'll Be Brief...

Before we get started, I think I need to make a clarification about last week’s post.

When I suggested that we make this the year of being connected, I didn’t mean to go out and attach yourself to strangers.

Please do not dry hump the person in front of you while in line at the grocery store.

If you are close enough to someone to accidentally end up in a kiss or swap any body fluids at all, please step back a foot or two. I don’t know what this thing is about lack of personal space, but please let it end soon.

I’ve had people standing on top of me at the cash register, at ATMs, in the ladies room…

Okay, well not the last one but at the rate things are going it’s only a matter of time before I’m telling the truth about that.

I’ve tried “accidentally” bumping into folks, putting my cart between us then rolling backwards, and oops! – Sorry, didn’t mean to cough in your face like that. I was trying to turn my head, you know, and didn’t realize you were so close. (and do you know that lady just wiped her face and kept standing elbow to elbow with me)

Just know that I’m paranoid, jumpy, have a huge need for personal space and I carry pepper spray.

Wow. That was longer than what I originally wrote for this week but I had to say it.

Now that that’s out the way, I’d like to try an experiment I saw on TV recently. You’ve probably heard of this or tried it yourself maybe, but this will be my first go at it, so try not to laugh.

The goal is to set an intention for yourself and describe it in three words.

That’s it.

The idea is that keeping it short and snappy will help it stick through the end of the year and hopefully beyond. They’re not intended to be resolutions or goals, just thoughts you want to flood your atmosphere with so you can change your mind, behavior or whatever.

I came up with a few really quickly:

Be more courageous.

That was easily the first one that popped up for me.

Some others were “always be kind,” “exhale and smile” and mom tossed in, “Never give up” and “Better days ahead

Then I thought of Think myself well which turned into Think happy thoughts.

With that one, I think I like the original phrase better because I’m thinking of my physical health when I say that. The second one sounds too much like something stupid I would say at the worst possible moment to do a bad job of calming myself down during a stressful moment.

The less “hokey” version I came up with was Expect great things, but even that one sounded almost too cliché to work. I’m trying it anyway. We’ll see. Plus it lends itself to my current favorite.

I ended up coming up with this one while I was honestly in a problem solving moment. Before I could completely dismiss the idea, I heard my own little voice in my head (louder than all the other voices that are usually up in there) say, “Do something different.”

It didn’t take me long to follow my own advice and this is the calmest I’ve been in awhile which is always a plus for me.

If someone gets on my nerves before I get ready roll my eyes or lose it and backhand them, I think, do something different and instantly switch to something I wouldn’t have necessarily done before.

Everyone’s still standing and I don’t have to ice my hand later. Perfecto!

Feel free to let me know what you come up with, and whatever happens I hope you have a great year and always remember, you are loved.


(seems like the name should say, “further” but the album track listing says, "farther" Oh well…)

Mick Hucknall – Farther On Up the Road

I don’t choose the earworms, they choose me…

Eric Clapton - Cocaine

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