Wednesday, January 30, 2013

...This is What *NOT* to Do...

I saw something horrible this weekend.

Worse than those awful non-pants that all the girls are (not) wearing today.

I won’t go into detail about what it was that I saw because frankly I’m ashamed that I witnessed it in the first place. Odds are you saw it, too unless you tried to avoid it like I so unsuccessfully managed.

But mostly I don’t want to give it any more attention than it was apparently begging to get.

It was one of those sarcastic, “I bet your mother is really proud of you” moments. My mom told me later that she didn’t have a mother.

Well, everyone technically has a mother, but her mother left her when she was very young so I guess that explains it.

It was also one of those, “you don’t have a friend in the world, do you?” moments because no real friend would have ever, ever let this happen.

Anyway, I’ll just go straight to the life lesson on this one:

Never, EVER make yourself look like an ass to prove a point. Yeah, I said it.

If someone says you’re crazy, don’t go do something crazy thinking you’re showing them the difference between what you are and what you are not. You’re just giving them a “see, I told you she was crazy” moment.

Listen, as long as there are people there will be opinions.

It’s a waste of time to respond to everything. Or some things. Or anything.

(It ain’t what people call you, it’s what you answer to)

That Family Reunion movie is still my favorite of all the Madea flicks.

If you are lucky enough to have the time and resources to run after every person who says something about you, then may I suggest that you press your luck someplace else – anywhere that might benefit you and not leave you exhausted with stupidity.

I have considered the possibility, too, that the whole scene was created for attention. I understand that there are people out there that are so desperate for attention, they don’t care if it’s positive, negative, or medical attention, they just want someone to please, please, look at them. Acknowledge them.

Validate them.

The problem with looking to others for acknowledgment and validation is that you might get the wrong someone to respond.

You might get the sort of person that pushes you to keep doing dumb things for attention until you get pushed too far and end up in a not so good place. Rest assured that person will not be around to bail you out, help you up, or loan you bus fare when it’s all over.

You might get the sort of person that is always telling you what you want to hear but with a very thorny string attached. These people are usually called pimps.

Or you might get someone who just won’t do it. Or maybe they don’t do it often or the way you think you need it to be done. Then you get the great displeasure of turning yourself inside out trying to obtain approval that you will never get on top of being rejected over and over again.

Hardly ever in real life will you ever have situations or problems with very clear answers but this is one of those rare exceptions:

Do not lose yourself for anyone.

Do not turn yourself into anything you are not, were not, and don’t ever want to be for the sake of someone else. Don’t do it to prove them wrong, don’t do it to prove them right, don’t do it to prove yourself- just do not do it.

Now, should you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of not knowing yourself and therefore not having a self to lose, then your time would be best served trying to work on that. Get to know you, who you are, what you like or what matters most to you.

The strong, beautiful, and wonderful you will find others that are equally strong, beautiful and wonderful. And you won’t have to make an idiot of yourself to do it.

Super soothing earworm…

Emerson, Lake, & Palmer – From the Beginning

This song makes you feel like you’re on something. And it also probably makes you think a tiny bit of that Isley Brothers song.

Nerd – Laser Gun Carrying

That Isley Brothers song you were thinking of... Here We Go Again

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