Sunday, April 28, 2013

... I Was Under a Rock...

This is how horrendously busy I've been.

Earlier this month, right around the 4th, I just knew there was something I was forgetting.

But what?

I have 16 aunts and uncles and something like a billion cousins, there had to be a birthday or something that wasn't coming to me.

I asked my mom if she could think of any significance to the date, and if you can believe it she remembered Jay-Z and Beyoncé's wedding anniversary.

But that wasn't it.

Days and weeks went by before... ding! The big 4-0, at that.

And I have the nerve to call myself a fan.

I trust it was a good one, and wish him many more.

Because it never gets old--that would be the song, the video, or Pharrell--  Frontin

And because it was slightly more entertaining than I thought it would be, Frontin… in reverse

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