Sunday, May 12, 2013

...This Was Good Timing...

I haven't watched the Tonight Show in years.

Even if I happen to be up late enough to catch it, either the TV's not on or if it is, it's probably on the Weather Channel so I can plan for the next day.

But I was up late this night, on the phone entirely too long having a stupid argument with someone I don't much care for anyway.

When I finally hung up I sat for a minute trying regain a sense of calm so I could try and get some sleep.  Then I did the last thing I would ever do to be "calm" and flipped on the TV just as this segment was starting.

This couple pleasantly surprised us all not only with their talent but their obviously compatibility.

They were so good, they were invited to sing with the band for the evening.

(Pumpcast News - Will & Monifa)

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