Wednesday, June 5, 2013

...It's a Sign of the Times...

I’ve seen it, and yes, I am outraged.

Everyone is talking about that hideous Cheerios commercial right now, and I can only wonder what took them so long to get fired up.

That commercial’s been out for a while now, but every single time I see it, my blood boils.

What’s up with the Cheerios people sending the Honey Bee out to try and sell his wares to an entomologist? That’s just sadistic.

As far as I’m concerned this is just a sign of the times. Too many companies out there taking employee loyalty for granted.

It’s time for us to stand up and demand that we be treated with respect, and I- -

Hunh, what?

Well now wait a minute…

Mkay, uh, it turns out the commercial everyone is all worked up over is not the tortured honey bee commercial, but instead one of a some kid with fat cheeks pouring cheerios on her dad.

Yeah, I can see where that would upset people. Cheerios are not cheap, and she just wasted what appears to be an entire freaking box.

I don’t care what reality TV tells you, okay, bratty behavior is not to be celebrated. She doesn’t deserve a commercial, she deserves a spanking.

If she was my kid, she’d be raking a whole lotta leaves in the fall to make that one up.

It’s a sign of the times, I tell you, these parents letting their kids get away with any and everything. They have no sense of responsibility, or –

Or… for the love of…

Alright, so that’s not what people are mad about. They’re made because the mom’s white and the father’s black.

And I’m guessing they’re also angry that’s it’s not still the 1920s where you were free to give the thumbs up pose with hundreds of your pals following a lynching. That was not a joke, and if you think you can brave some incredibly graphic imagery, feel free to look it up.
Not long ago I was watching an old season of Project Runway and the challenge was to create an outfit for My Scene Barbie.

My Scene Barbie was Mattel’s teen answer to the Bratz dolls.

Anyway, designer Andre* opts to not give his model the blonde wig to wear on the runway. He stuck a wrap around her naturally coily fro, and poof, she was done.

The judges were incensed. Why would you ever not use the blonde wig for a Barbie challenge?

He had to point out to the panel that his model was black… and beautiful as she was.

He didn’t even go into the fact that Barbie’s target audience might not be on the blonde hair variety. Certainly I wasn’t as a child when I got one every year for Christmas and I’m not today either, and I still collect them.

All these years later, the S.I.S (so-in-style) Barbie line is a best seller. The line shows Barbie in all her real diversity. African American dolls of various complexions and hair textures, and individualized ethnic features.

The Dolls of the World line is popular, too. Last Christmas, i treated myself to India and Brazil (not to be confused with Carnaval Barbie that I bought two of a few years back.)

General Mills, like Mattel, was smart enough to know that the world is so much larger than your own backyard. Everyone doesn’t look like you or your neighbor. If that Cheerios commercial upset you, then you need to get out more.

I mean honestly, I give up. This is not a sign of the times, it’s a sign of stupidity.

It’s the year 2013. Catch up, people. Or don’t.

Maybe it would be easier for you and your thumb-upping pals to crawl back into your cave where you won’t have to be disturbed by this ever changing world, and rot in peace.

Making good use of a Fiona Apple sample…Bugnanas f/ Elle Pierre – Apple Eyes (or click here if the embed is misbehaving again)

And I swear this one has a sample, too, but I'll be darn if I can remember what it is. Driving me nuts.

Buddy – Inspired

* "What happened to Andre?"

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