Thursday, July 23, 2009

...Stars Must Shine and Beauty is More than Skin Deep...

For me, it's like this: If you’re a celebrity and I go to the trouble to closely follow your career, support your efforts, boast about you to others, and try to spread the word of the glory that is you, the very least you can do for me is not fall of the ding- dang pedestal I put you on!

I don’t want to hear about how deep down you’re just a regular human being. I know, dangit, but you’re screwing up the fantasy with all this humanity crap. Sure it’s unreasonable, but some people have unreasonable jobs and your job is provide me with an escape from reality- not a reminder. Stay on your job!

This means…

Saturday, July 18, 2009

...I Am So Not Eating This Thing...

I mentioned during my Ode to Doritos that I have been trying to explore new foods, mostly exotic fruits.

I just stroll on over to that side of the produce section and pick something that looks interesting.
So far it’s been pretty okay. I’ve tried things that were completely new to me like the tamarillo (awesome), kiwanos (pretty good), and pluots (loved these!). And I’ve tried some things that were necessarily new but maybe I never had a “fresh” one before like mango, papaya and passion fruit.

On Friday, I picked up an interesting purple potato looking thing. 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

...We Should Appreciate the Simple Things...

~An Ode to Doritos~

In keeping with the grand tradition of blaming the mother for all of life’s woes, failures, and misfortunes, I would now like to fault my mother for my Doritos addiction.

It wasn’t all her fault. The taste of powdery cheese, the crunch, the cool shape. There was never a better chip invented, corn or potato. Still we can’t ignore her role in what would ultimately become a struggle in snack food sobriety.

Exhibit A: When I was about 6 or so, my cousin "Keri" attempted a pretty sophisticated bike stunt that involved “popping a wheelie” while on a fairly steep dirt hill. Something called “cell memory” makes my arm sting just thinking about it but I only vaguely recall the specific details of everything that went wrong.

Monday, July 6, 2009

...Some things are easier said than done...

I wrote this post about this incident involving a good friend "Joe" and a dead guy "Moe" and how my mother's stoic demeanor have all combined to create a storm of emotions and a potential relationship issue for me.

I was trying to explore my inability to open up about certain things.

Too bad I made a last minute decision to not publish it.

I thought I was showing real progress. :-) (Maybe later, eh?)

Musical Notes Stuck in my Head right now:

Jamiroquai "Space Cowboy" and "Seven Days in Sunny June"