Friday, September 25, 2009

...You can start this weekend with a Smile!...

Not since that squirrel interrupted a ballgame has a video made me smile and laugh so much.

If this kid had a vote, he would agree with Kanye about Beyonce's vid.

That kid's a natural dancer, he picks up choreography pretty fast.

And in case you missed the squirrel:

Funny videos

I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

...Everything Brown Isn't Necessarily Chocolate...

As I write this, in between spritzing my hair with water, I’m thinking about how I have enough hair products to open a small beauty supply store. Except half of this stuff is junk that I wouldn’t sell to my worst enemy even if she had really nice hair and I wanted to wreck it.

During one of my cleaning and organizing sprees, I set aside some space just for hair products. It’s now overflowing with “all natural” things I’ve tried and like, don’t like, kind of hate, really hate, am undecided, or still not sure if I want to try. I peeled the price tags off of most of them so it wouldn’t influence how I felt about a product. (I paid $19 for this hair cream, so it better work. Even if it doesn’t work, it had better work, dangit!)

As luck would have it, the $19 junk was, in fact, garbage. I tried to share it with other women of various hair textures hoping to get my money’s worth, but none of them liked it either. A little research would have told me that there’s a virtual anti-fan club for this particular product line. Black women (and a few white women, I hear) rushing to get on the natural hair care product bandwagon were duped into buying this multi-celebrity endorsed miracle snake, er uh, hair oil.

It’s not just the styling products but the so-called all natural shampoos and conditioners. The orders for healthy hair (and skin, and whatever else) are clear: No sulfates, no parabens, no “cones”, no mineral oil… what the hell is left people, besides juices and berries?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

...I Really Wish You Would...

~an ode to Kanye West~

There are two things that bother me about the Kanye West incident at the 2009 MTV VMAs.

  • The first being, the way some people are reacting to it.
  • The second being, well, the way some people are reacting to it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

...My Head *Still* Hurts...

So the delay between this posting and the last posting can be blamed on the return of the Zeus.

Sometimes he comes alone, and sometimes he brings Jim, James, Paul and Tyrone. Well no, actually to be fair they all have their own names:
  • the Gnome
  • the Slasher
  • the Archaeologist
  • the Gremlin
  • the Pumpkin Carver
Their personalities are quite distinct, and after nearly 11 years together, I thought they deserved their own names. So  I named them.