Sunday, October 31, 2010

..."I Got a Rock"...

Aside for caramel and candy apples, the best reminder of the best time of the year (and not just because of my birthday), is the showing of one of the best cartoons ever,  "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"
(Enjoy it before it gets pulled!)

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

...Sometimes I Just Wonder ~ "N-Word" edition...

I find it interesting how whenever someone uses a slur, their immediate defense is "well, [they] use it all the time, so why can't I?"
Well first, because they don't have enough sense to know better. And when you use it, you become them. So in essence, it you're really just insulting yourself. Man, are you dumb. Plus for every one person that says it, there are at least three that don't, so your "when in Rome" excuse is null and void. Stop it.

The other reason is familiarity. Even though I have gay friends that call each other "queer" or "queen" or whatever, I know better than to open my mouth and refer to someone like that. Even my closest gay friends that know me, and know my intentions wouldn't hear certain language coming from me. It's called respect.
It's like going to your friend's house and insulting her mom's cooking. Even if it sucks, and everyone knows it, and the kids are all making vomit faces, it's not your mom, so just smile and eat. There's always Kaopectate.

Having said that, here are the three official winners as voted on by me for "They said the "N-word" and it was funny." If you are not one of these three people in the specific situation as shown, just smile and laugh.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

...I Knew it Was Love...

I happen to find this online and I'm so glad someone posted it because it gives me a chance to point out something really magnificent. It's very subtle, but it's really cute.

Right  about the 2:18 mark we see Beyonce realize a bit too late that if she's going to do that back bendy thingy, she has to have her hand in Jay's waistband, not his pocket. She can't go all the way back now.

So what does he do?  He puts his hand under her to give her something to lean back over. How cool is that?

You know some other guy might have laughed at her unfortunate discovery. Or how many guys might have been so absorbed in their own thing that they wouldn't have even noticed? More than a few, I'm sure.

You just don't run into a lot of guys that are that considerate these days, and I just thought that was a very sweet thing. Small, but still very sweet. What's not to love?

Friday, October 22, 2010

...A Lot Can Happen in 24 Hours...

That's right, a bonus post. Lucky you, right? (Just smile and nod, please.)
After limited access to all things media, I came across some very interesting things in the last 24 hours worthy of posting off schedule.

First, surely you've heard by now about the water on the moon:

I have to say I have mixed emotions about this. My initial reaction is: “Cool!  Wonder what else is up there?”  But then I think of that old Gil-Scott Heron spoken word that starts with the line, “A rat done bit my sister Nell…” You know the one.

Already there’s debate about who “owns the moon?” Does it matter? If they end up putting any kind of livable structures up there, it’s not likely any of us will be able to afford it anyway.   Still a cool finding though.
Two more awesome things...
In my Never Been Kissed post, I said that I had a hard time finding a smiling picture of Pharrell Williams. I stand corrected.
Look at that smile!! Isn't he just the cutest cutie cute you've ever seen?
Plugs Three and One looking mighty sharp there, too. I salute you, gentlemen.... "Spray can sexy (Psst, psst)"

Finally, have you ever wondered what it might sound like if someone wrote a song about a drug dealer’s daughter who grew up to be stripper that smokes crack, and breaks her back falling off  the stripper pole resulting in a pain pill addiction? Wonder no more!!! 

Bilal is so underrated.  The whole CD is hot, too, in case you're interested- definitely worth the purchase.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

...Maybe We Should Just Be Nicer...

What goes 100 mph on only two legs and goes “hodeedo-hodeedo-hodeedo”?
A black man running for the elevator (get it? “hodeedo,” “ho’ de’ do’,” “hold the door”)

Now a word that I do tend to throw around a lot is “idiot.” I think because I was raised to believe that the human brain is the coolest thing ever, and you’d be a fool to not take advantage of that. Still I run into people that seem like they’re preserving their brain power for use at a later date. Group think is not a form of energy conservation and stereotyping is just laziness.

One day when I was very young, I found a one of those horrible racist joke books where the jokes are all divided into categories: black jokes, polish jokes, oriental jokes (yes, it actually said “oriental”), blonde jokes and so on. Even though I know I read it from cover to cover, for some reason I mostly only remember the black jokes. I’m sure that I didn’t understand half of them because I didn’t know all the stereotypes, but somehow they made an impression on me.
  • What do you call a white guy surrounded by 5 black guys? Coach
  • What do you call a white guy surrounded by 11 black guys? Head coach
  • What do you call a white guy surrounded by 30 black guys? A victim of gang violence
Looking back on it, I recognize that the jokes weren’t particularly funny and I almost wonder if the point was really to point out how dumb we are and unreasonably similar we can be in our judgment of others.

How often has a stranger made you mad and the first thought to pop into your head wasn’t necessarily the most politically correct one? We call senior strangers “gramps” or “grandma,” flamboyant strangers, “fags,” black strangers, “nigger” and when we can’t figure out an obvious difference, then we just go for “ugly.”

Sunday, October 17, 2010

...This is Pretty Cool...

I usually ignore commercials, but this is one of the few this year that's really managed to catch my eye.

I admit I originally thought the Pepsi Refresh Project wasn't much more than promotion tactic. You know, one of those, "Look at us pretending to care about the community even though we're just a giant greedy conglomerate" type of deals.

Now I'm happy to admit that I was wrong. It's actually quite fascinating, and I came across a lot of interesting projects in a very wide variety of categories all quite worthy of a vote.  And you have the added value of learning about projects that you might want to help in some other way if it's possible. I found a local organization that I'm thinking of volunteering for considering their needs, I might actually be useful. How cool is that?

So in a weird way, the promotion tactic worked. I don't usually drink pop (that's "soda" to you non-Midwesterners), but on the rare occassion I need something fizzy, I'm more likely to grab a Pepsi after all.

Go cast some votes here!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

...You are Definitely a Jackass...

“Jackass” is not a word I throw around a lot. 

Mostly because I’m a fan of Abraham Maslow, so I’d like to think that even the biggest jerk in the vicinity is really just heartsick and unfulfilled. But sometimes, some people are just losers.

In the second grade, I was terrorized by a trio of bullies.

The boy bullied me because, I would imagine, he was angry about being 30, looking 50, and being in the third grade. Well, okay he was only about 12 but he did look like a hardened old man. He had giant hands and muscles. And probably some tattoos, though I can’t be sure about those. But trust me, he was big and mean and old. This was back when they would actually make you repeat a grade for not doing well. And since all he ever did in class was sleep, punch the nearest kid, or throw books at the teacher’s head, I don’t imagine he had much time to focus on his studies.

The girl bullied me because she liked the boy. I guess she thought he would like her, too if she kicked around his favorite target: me. You would have thought that they would have liked each other anyway just because they had so much in common. She was old and mean, too. She started the school year in the fifth grade and within two months was dropped back two grades to the third. And since I think some teachers secretly like to humiliate kids, this fact was made public to us on her first day in class.

Now there I was: six years old, small for my age and in a classroom split with second and third graders, and regularly pointed out as the smartest kid in the class.

Bully meet your victim for the year.

The second girl that bullied me was friends with the first girl. I think jumping me on the playground was a bonding activity for them.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

...This is Star Quality...

As far as performers go, Mr. West is definitely the brightest star in my sky this week...

And a different kind of genius... Diddy continues to be one of the best showmen in the business

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

...I Am a Writer...

Here’s what I imagined happened during my time in Soul School. That’s where we go to prepare for life on earth before we are born.

I got distracted. I was reading or watching Bugs Bunny or playing with my Barbies or the "Doll House People" (I believe Fisher Price calls them "Little People"), but somehow I got distracted and lost track of time. Next thing I know I’m impatiently standing at the end of a very long line hoping to still get something good. Finally it’s my turn at the window.

“Next!’ he yells and I leap forward and smile. I’m on my toes, straining my little leg muscles to get my head over the countertop. My short fingers are trying not to slide off the edge.

In my best, most polite adult voice I say, “I’m here to pick up my talent, please.”

“Yeah, well this is the talent window. Whaddaya want?”

Sunday, October 3, 2010

...There's a Party in My Tummy...

Yeahhh! So yummy, so yummy!

We are the tiny ugly germs! This one is catchier than the cooties singing in it.

And more Yo Gabba Gabba! awesomeness