Wednesday, May 25, 2011

...You Have to Know Your Role...

Or as Biggie might have said, “Play your position.”

You’ve heard this before, haven’t you?

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do (for) each person.

In short...
  • "Reason People” come in, do their thing (meet a purpose for you), and they’re out as quickly as they came.
  • “Season People” are supposed to almost always be a blessing. They bring wonderful things to your life and then they fade away. (I miss my “special-plastic-key ring-playing-musically-gifted” friend. There, I said it. Now fly, little thought, into the universe, and be heard!)
  • “Lifetime People” are those folks you’re stuck with, good or bad. And you learn a lot of foundation-building, life-shattering, core-shaking stuff from them, good or bad. What you learn from them goes with you everywhere into all your other learning experiences. Sometimes they are love and light, and sometimes they just suck. They are always there until one of you… isn’t.

Well, we’re all people, right?

So even though when most of us read this, we think of who the various players are in our life and whether they are Reason, Season, or Lifetime People, how often do we stop to think which type of person we might be to someone else?

You probably don’t have to think very hard to conjure up the image of someone in your life that, as best as you can figure serves no purpose in space or time. I mean, really, utterly useless as a human being in general, and more specifically someone you’ve fantasized about pushing down a flight of stairs. Not necessarily a co-worker or passing associate but people more deeply implanted in your life either by accident, incident, or family ties.

It’s tempting to try and take the spiritual approach and look for ways this person might be the messenger of a very critical life lesson. But then, what do we do when we realize this individual is as dumb as a jar of dog doo, and only half as practical? Aside from faking our own death, there’s only so much dodging that can be done to avoid these people.

So I find myself in the position of waking up to an old, familiar leech back in my life, who for the sake of this post, we’ll refer to as “Parasite.”

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

...This is the Greatest Hip Hop Video Ever...

I have to be careful what I say here because I don't want to get this pulled.

For some reason, any time I would look for this video with the captions, it would always say something about the video not being allowed in my region.  The heck? Without the captions, it becomes all the cliches it's supposed to be knocking down. Sounds like a conspiracy to me... c-o-n..spiracy.

All that said, I am super, super excited to have found it and think it's worthy of it's very own singular post. Ladies and gentlemen... The, um... "foundation of trees, or families" with uh, "That which those ones execute" - complete with the captions!

(My apologies for the autoplay; one of these days I'll figure out how to turn it off. I rock!)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

...It's Tucked in to my Socks!!!...

~ And other guaranteed laughs. Could you use a few?

A Shirt Story:
The synching is a little off on this version, but it's so overall funny it shouldn't bother you too much.

Goodbye, Mr. Gibbs:
It's hard to believe Marlon Wayans isn't a bigger star in comedy. I think his performance here is loosely based on one of my aunts.

White People are Friendly:
Katt Williams gives one of many examples.

Hey Baby!!:
Well at least the baby has a job.

White Boys Love Me:
Tisha Campbell Martin demonstrates that you don't have to have a perfect body to feel good about your looks

Once You Go Tantric:
Just watch

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

...Your Conscience Might Be Giving You a Bum Steer...

Of all the things I’ve lost. I think I miss myself the most.

I was in there somewhere, and somehow along the way, I got careless and lost some pieces.

Of course, my mind was in there. Some attitude, a different body… an itty bitty piece of spirit I tried to keep separate from the rest in case I needed it. (Don’t you hate when that happens? You put something some place special so you don’t forget where you put it… and then you forget where you put it!)

Anyway, I’m sure I’m around somewhere. I'm confident I'll turn up before the week is out.

This is NOT a complaining post. I prefer to think of it as a sideways gratitude post.

It seems as soon as I got close to having everything right where I wanted it to be, it all shifted sideways.

But I’m going to say I’m grateful anyway because it could be worse.

Actually, it couldn’t be that much worse, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I figure as long as I keep telling myself it hasn’t completely turned to poop, then it hasn’t.

Be resolved to be resolved.

Someone I loved and respected very much said that to me once. I took it to mean that you will most certainly come up on the strangest and greatest of obstacles the minute you resolve to do something. The goal is to remain focused and follow through on your resolution. Whatever it is you have resolved to do, be committed in your thoughts and actions to do it.

Not sure who the big clown of the universe was who decided to test my resolve, but it is surely being tested.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

(Happy Mother's Day!)

To great moms everywhere!!

And for the less than traditional Mother's Day gift idea... (consider this your warning)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(Gone Fishin')

I’m still in the process of reviewing and editing this blog and I’m working on two freelance assignments that I happened to land at the same time. (Woohoo! Let’s hope they lead to more)

The bad news is there won’t be a formal post this week. Please take a minute to pretend you are sad about it.

The good news is you get to enjoy this great “Gone Fishin” art created by Becca. Her stuff is so sassy, I love it! I posted a few other amazing drawings that caught my eye, but you should visit her tumblr to see more of her incredible talent. You can also visit the BeccaShop to order items or request some original artwork. Her prices are pretty reasonable, and I've always contemplated doing some pin up style poses myself.  Maybe I'll try it and post the results... maybe.

And if you enjoy fun little finds like these and you haven’t already taken a peek at my other blog, Awesome Inspiration, please do so. If I had a really large museum of art, music, poetry and literature, this would be it—if museums were in 2D.

I like the hair on this one - "Agent Foxy"

I like the hair on this one, too - "Columbia and Magenta"

"Tiki Streaks"

"Saucy Space Girl"

Velma, Daphne, and Scooby

I hum this song a lot, pretty much all the time at work. And whenever someone asks me what it’s called for some dumb reason, I always want to say, “Rita” …At least I had a woman’s name in there.
Perez Prado - Patricia

And one more from the Mambo king
April in Portugal

Sunday, May 1, 2011

...Liszt Rocks!!!...

Yeah, I said it.

A friend of mine was somewhat surprised at the size of my classical music collection. I'm not sure why... we all love classical music. We probably just never realized it.