Wednesday, June 29, 2011

...Maybe It's Just My Eyes...

The coolest thing about this video was that it didn’t matter what you were looking at, your eyes always found something hot to behold.

I mean, really, this video always made me question my sexuality a little bit.
(Shakira and Beyonce – Beautiful Liar)

Beyonce & Shakira - Beautiful Liar by EtienneEvolution

I like to watch this video because, well I like to watch it. And because I wanted to remember Beyonce and Shakira as they once were, all firm and fully-packed with the fluffy hair.

Both have since become noticeably slimmer, and dare I say it lightened up. Not just the straightened goldilocks, but as I recall they were both somewhere between honey gold and brown sugar, and now they just look like gluten free flour, or something.

You wouldn’t think the look would matter so much (Jennifer Lopez sucked even before she was hit with the white wand), but I can’t help feeling it does.

I’m not one of those annoying people that doesn’t ever want your favorite artist to change. Evolution is a good thing. But when are we going to stop thinking that in order to “evolve”, you should be less than, um, substantial… or less than, oh hell, I’ll just say it: brown.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

...Fire Sucks!!...

For our friends in the line of fire, praying for something to change.

I guess it’s true: there are no atheists in foxholes.

And while I consider myself more of an agnostic, you still might find it strange that I prayed to whatever was out there earlier this evening when the utility room adjacent to my apartment caught fire.

I didn’t even realize how close it was until I was out of the building. I had just enough time to grab my Emergency Exit Kit before the smell became so strong that I had to leave. My Houseguest was using the computer so it wasn’t in the bag, and since they didn’t bother to get up and move for the door until I ordered them to do so, it never made it into the bag. My poor Snowflake (that’s the computer’s name) was nearly a casualty.

 I had been in the kitchen preparing my lunch for tomorrow when I started smelling a bad oily smell.

I looked toward the window to a gray sky but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I sniffed in the general direction of the odor, then into the kitchen, then back to the back wall where the vents were. I opened my window and saw a woman in one of the grassy playfields to the left staring back up at me. Maybe more like towards me.

And then I saw a big puff of black smoke billow across my field of view.

I pressed my face to the screen hoping to see a nearby neighbor fanning at a smoking gas grill. When I didn’t see anything more than the frozen neighbor, I just knew something was wrong.

 I changed my shirt, threw on some shoes, and grabbed my purse and the kit. I was trying to pack up the computer when the smell overwhelmed me and I decided we needed to go. I tapped the doorknob for heat and when it was safe, we filed out of the back door, banging on other apartment doors as we went.

When we were safely outside we could see smoke and flames shooting out of the grated vent. Two women from the complex were approaching the building. They were on their way to the pool when they smelled the smoke. One of them happened to work in the office and came in with her key to unlock the door. From where I stood in the parking lot I kept my eyes trained on the smoke and held my breath that I wouldn’t see flames creeping towards the roof or coming from my window.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

...This is the Best Ever Salute to Dads...

I only hope that this video remains available because you won't find a better salue to Dads.
Put your hands together for Junyer and Ma Bear...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

...You Have to Write it Down...

My head spins.

I was stretching my neck one day in a meeting, and someone told me it looked like my head was going to go all the way around. Someone else joked that I needed an exorcist. More than likely, I just needed to do some writing: absolute BEST stress reliever on the planet except for maybe laughing or walking your dog. Yep, even better than that other thing you were thinking of.

The reason writing works so well for relaxing you is that it gives you an opportunity to corral all the randomness and toss out any junk. It’s a de-clutter activity. Thoughts need room to move and explore, and writing creates space.

So if you’re having a crappy day, or feel overwhelmed with things to do, try to take a few minutes to write things down.

Don’t worry about the spelling or grammar, or what kind of paper it is, (be it lined, sketch, or graphing) or what you write with (although I’m going to ask you to avoid blood for all the obvious reasons), just get it down.

In fact, sometimes using something non-conventional helps. I have a couple of really old typewriters- yes, really- that I use, but I’ve also been known to use colored- glitter glue sticks, chalk, water-based paints, crayons, cray-pas, markers, coloring pencils, refrigerator magnet letters, and if you use small enough pieces to maneuver, Play-Doh formed into letters, into words.

It doesn’t even have to be words. It your mind operates differently and you would prefer to draw something, or tear a picture out of a magazine or newspaper then by all means, knock yourself out.

The technique is only half of the expression, the rest of the expression is the message: What do you have to say?

Maybe you feel like you don’t have anything to say, or that you have nothing to talk about but, trust me, you do. There’s something you’ve been holding all day. Or something that’s been on your mind since last week. Or something really odd that happened that you just need to get out or a funny memory that you want to share with someone. (Remind me later to tell you about the time I was confronted by a raccoon in a dumpster.)

 If you still need a little boosting, then allow me….Pick any one of these, or two or more, and get going!

 General observations o’ the day.
Aim to get at least five things down, and try to make at least three of them positive things.
If you want, you can make a point of throwing in at least one negative thing just to get it out of your system, but you should always have at least one more positive than negative when you’re done.
Feel free to throw in some random observation as well. My list for yesterday would look something like this:

  1.  Music makes a long drive better.
  2. One of the best things about being single (or as I once referred to it in an argument, “relationship neutral”) is that you can eat cereal for dinner and no one is going to complain about it.
  3. The “meat” on a White Castle cheeseburger doesn’t look like any identifiable meat product, and yet it’s a darn tasty burger.
  4. Sleep sprays are awesome.
  5. Moms are awesome.
  6. (and for one negative thought) I think (person’s name here) might seriously need some counseling. And possibly rehab.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

...I Think a Mixtape is in Order...

I showed this video to someone awhile back, and we agree, Fam and Chad are way past due for a mixtape, and their version is better than the original.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

...I Started It, Now I'm Ending It...

I’m not sure when this happened, but it looks like someone “plus one’d” every single post on all three of my blogs. (I think... or does everyone start at one?)

Assuming this isn’t the set up for a horrible prank, and assuming you don’t have OCD (which wouldn’t make you any less awesome), and you weren’t in the middle of some sort of clicking tic, let me say, thank you so very kindly!

You are very, very, very much appreciated…. My friend (or friends), you rock!

It’s nice to feel encouraged.

Unfortunately, I still had to shut down one of the blogs: Naked and Beautiful bites the dust.

When I started the blog, I had developed three theories that I wanted to prove:
  1. Feeling good about yourself is independent of what you look like.
  2. What you think you look like is mostly based on flawed information.
  3. There is a pure, undisturbed heart at the core of your being; it is the real you, and it is your most beautiful part.
Too many of us feel flawed because a body part doesn’t look a certain way, or we don’t think we get enough attention, compliments, or positive feedback on our physical aspects. We have assumed the identity of our collection of parts, and we work to “improve” those parts, instead of working to grow our hearts, evolve our lives, and care for our communities. Sounds a little backwards, doesn’t it? Our identities shouldn’t be so tightly knotted to our physical appearance.

I always felt that if I could create a perfect world, none of us would have actual bodies. No sickness, or disabilities. We would all be freeform, free-floating energy. (I’m still undecided about if we’d have to have real heads or not because it would just be something else superficial to judge, but definitely no bodies.)

Alas, we do have physical bodies in a material world. So I set out to blow away the smoke and expose the mirrors on all those things deliberately set free in the atmosphere with the intention of making you think you are bad, wrong, or otherwise imperfect as you are, if only to sell you the solution to your problem.

Sadly, it didn’t quite turn out the way I planned and before I knew it, I was part of the problem. If ever a blog could derail and explode, this one really left the track in a fireball.

My first mistake was the title. In my head, the word naked meant “whatever you may be, in the purest state of that being “ and beautiful meant “your being is wonderful and graces the world.”

Well, I severely underestimated the amount of people that devote time to searching for “naked” or “beautiful” people on the web. Turns out in their heads, the words “naked and beautiful” meant, in a nutshell (haha), porn. In hindsight, it seems a little obvious, but I swear to you at the time it seemed like a good idea.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

...The Revolution Will Live On...

A family emergency left me completely out of the loop for nearly a week, so I was very late to hearing about the passing of Gil Scott-Heron.

I had the pleasure of meeting him once, very briefly many, many years ago at a poetry reading arranged by a teacher of mine. I told him I was a "some time poet" and he told me there was no such thing. He told me, "every word is important once you say it."

I never forgot that. And I will never forget him.

Definition of a Poet

"I'm New Here"

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Lupe Fiasco's tribute is here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

...I'm Number One!!... I'm Number One!!....

I hate colds. Especially summer colds.

I have one right now, and let me tell you, it bites the big one. Considering the body aches, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was more like the flu. Whatever it is, it’s miserable.

You all know by now how much I struggle with maintaining control of my time. I think I’m really honest about my frustrations with giving up too much of myself to meet the needs of other people. The same people that I know have never, and would never, do the same for me. My last three “vacations” were really spent accommodating the needs of others, and doing a lot of running around. I’ve also been running around a lot on the weekends.

I’m pooped.

I want a rest. I need a break. Oh, and did I mention Parasite keeps dropping by and “accidentally” leaving things at the house? I think they’re trying to do a covert move-in operation. I knew I should have swung and moved when I had the chance.

So I’ve been wondering: If thoughts are things, and things can be alive; and all living things must die, can you be killed by your thoughts?