Wednesday, September 28, 2011

...I Laughed 'til I Cried...

I can’t remember the last time I honestly laughed out loud so much at something.

I needed it, too. There’s a lot going on these days and I managed to luck up on another freelance project. The deadline is tight on this one but this company is reputable so I’m going all in.

Still it’s stressful and I need a break and a laugh. These Haterazzi presentations are always good for a pick me up.

I laughed so hard at this one I was laughing for probably another ten minutes after it was over: Gucci Mane Lemonade the Movie.

And a couple more Evil Symbolic Breakdown analyses brought to you by the good Reverend Derrick Jones and the Light of the Lamb church. (I laughed just typing that)

Odd Future

The JJ Deception
Sad but true, I know someone that bought the whole set of original videos this spoof is based on. And no it wasn’t me. Even though I watched them and then got chased away with torches from an online forum for laughing at the ridiculousness of it.
Well, who’s laughing now?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

...Today is Peace Day...

My calendar says today is "Peace Day" so whether you've heard of it or not, go be peaceful.

If you're having a day like I am you're probably telling me to go fugg myself right about now. Backatcha.

Now that that's out of the way, I wanted to post something soothing and informational to help you on your way to being peaceful. And you know what?  It is surpisingly difficult to find some peaceful imagery that isn't annoying, didactic, or someone's plug for their friggin e-book. Or the music always sucks, or there's too much talking, usually by someone with a voice that makes you want to cut your ears off.

So I'm posting the cheeriest song I can think of with the most light-hearted video I can remember. Assuming there's no block put on it by corporate greed.

I present (I hope) Al Jarreau's "Mornin'"

Al Jarreau - Mornin' by Warner-Music

Sunday, September 18, 2011

...There Goes My Hero...

Watch him as he goes...

Or rather, watch "them" as "they" go.  You've seen this a few different places already and now you get to see it here, too. This is too cool to not post.

Whatever the so-called correct definition of a "hero,"  this is awesome, and these people rock!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

...This is Required Reading...

A few years ago I was reviewing The Roots “Rising Down” CD for the first time when I heard the song, Criminal, and felt inspired. I stopped everything to devote the time to writing a short play about voting.

Incredible illustration by Victor Juhasz
The main character has to travel a long way by foot, bus, and subway to reach her voting site. On the way she encounters and assists other voters meeting their own challenges including a disabled person arriving onsite to discover there is no wheelchair access, a student being asked for several pieces of ID including a drop of blood, a young mother being asked to sign over her infant, and an older gentleman with one hand in the process of having the other sawed off in order to cast his ballot. It becomes clear to her that casting her own vote is going to be no easy task so she takes a very specific action to ensure her voice is heard.

My mother was nearly impressed. Yes, I know, Mom doesn’t like anything I write so I’m as surprised as you are. She liked the idea in general but thought it was a bit melodramatic for the time. “This reads like you were around in the 60s.”

No, Mom, as it turns out, it reads like some time next year.

The September 15, 2011 issue of Rolling Stone features an Ari Berman article detailing activities of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), founded by Paul Weyrich and  funded in part by the Koch brothers (multibillionaires who financially support the Tea Party) that could make it incredibly difficult for you to vote if you are a student, a senior, a minority, an immigrant, or an ex-convict.

These laws could SEVERELY RESTRICT your “right” to vote.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

(The Falling Man)

This documentary is based on Tom Junod’s Esquire article on the Richard Drew photograph of a man falling from the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. The article details the search for the man’s identity in an effort to tell his life story.

The response to the publication of the photo was mostly anger. I think much of that anger seems to stem from our beliefs about suicide, the poisons that fuel those beliefs, our misunderstanding of despair and action, and the many poignant questions posed by the photo; questions which ten years later remain unanswered.

I have chosen to post this video because I don’t believe in turning away from something solely because it makes you uncomfortable, particularly if the cause of your discomfort could be from notions not necessarily your own. Only if you can, please watch and then decide for yourself.

The topic and imagery might be upsetting, so watch this only if you feel you are able. I understand that sometimes just viewing a disturbing image can be difficult and have lasting effects, so please feel free to visit other posts here, and skip this one.


If the embedded video does not work, you can view the documentary here or here

More information

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

...I Scream, You Scream...

I am officially on a diet so of course all I can think about is eating.

I bake in anguish because the baking relaxes me but someone has to eat the finished product, right? Times like this I wish I was married with children.

Anyway, the doctor told me I had to lose a few pounds and avoid any standing yoga poses for the next 30 days because of some heel pain in my left foot and some bruising and swelling at the ankle on my right foot.

I told him that it was yoga that had helped me lose all the weight I’ve lost so far. I’m not sure how much because I refuse to use the scale and haven’t weighed myself. But I’ve been able to fit into clothes that I couldn’t get into for at least a year. I wish you could have seen me the day I wore the little red sundress. Take my word for it, it was a good day.

Clearly this man, kind though he may have been, wasn't aware of how much weight a girl can gain in 30 days.

So I’ve been doing Sit and Be Fit videos and I found a book at the library called “Get Fit in Bed.” (I can read your mind, and you should be ashamed!) And I’m trying biking again since the only other no impact option available to me is swimming and I can’t swim. There’s also weight training, but that’s not as readily accessible to me as a bike.The problem is that the best path to the safe bike trail takes you right by the Dairy Queen.

Whose dumb idea was it to put an ice cream shop right there?

I haven’t had DQ in over a year. I think it must be true that yoga suppresses the appetite because I haven’t really wanted it. Two weeks off the wagon, and I’m dreaming about Heath Bar Blizzards.

I had been making up stories to keep me from wanting to go in there. Fantasies involving severed fingers in the strawberries or a dirty sponge in the cake. Then I remembered something that really happened to me some years back at another ice cream chain.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

...The Geek in Me Loves This...

This is just the sort of thing I would start pointing out in elementary school and end up getting sent to the principal’s office for it.

Ed Rondthaler on English Spelling

Ed Rondthaler on English spelling from Bob Smartner on Vimeo.
Via bbcblog via randomnization via the awesomer